Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hell Week Day 2: Episode 5

Episode 5: In which I got a huge chunk of work done yesterday and now I feel like i can slack of but I really can't

The title pretty much tells it like it is. I have about 7 more pages to crank out of this paper and it's Jared's birthday so I have zero motivation to do anything except hang out with him.... but being the great person that he is... he came to the library with me and we are doing homework together. This is good... this means that I won't be spending an hour and a half walking around the library trying to avoid my homework.

I'm really hoping that i'm correct in this being a productive study session... because I have about an hour and 20 mins before his birthday dinner.

Think positive!

Episode 5: end

Monday, December 5, 2011

Hell Week Day 1: Episode 4

Episode 4: In which my coffee is cold and my outline is amazingly detailed

It's true... my coffee is cold. :(

BUT on the bright side I'm just shy of 5.5 pages. :) I took a little break from actually writing to organize my thoughts a little better in my outline. I was starting to get worried that the paper might jump around a bit but now I think it's laid out rather nicely.

It's dark out and the 2nd floor of the library is starting to clear out a little bit. I'm thinking that within the next hour i might brave the cold weather so I can have a little change of scenery. I still have to go home and make some supper and hop in the shower... and organize myself for tomorrow. So I'm sure I'll be able to get at least a little work done while my food is cooking. I bet your smiling to yourself right now thinking that you know that I will get ZERO work done if I go to my apt... but truthfully I think you're wrong. I've got a good chunk done... and usually the part that i struggle with the most is actually sitting down and starting it... but I've clearly already done that... for 5 hours. (sad... that's like a page an hour... SOOO not what I'm used to) I think that at about 7 I might start heading over to my apt and then it's monday night so I'll pop over to Beta to have a homework date with Jared. Another change of scenery, and hey, no work tomorrow... so after XDIS... (or during XDIS) I can get some more work done.

I'm slowly trudging through this damn tunnel...

Hell Week Day 1: Episode 3

Episode 3: In which I make Significant Progress and compare Mario Levels to Hell Week

So I'm at about 3.5 pages. Only a little over a 5th done... but still... considering what my last hour and half was like (see episode 2) another 2.5 pages is a good run. It took a little longer than I would have liked, but of course,  I did have a couple distractions (courtney called, and I had to pee) but I overall I think I'm doing fine, I had a minor freak out when I realized that I only had 3 pages done and still needed 12 more and didn't know if I had 12 pages worth of stuff to talk about... (I tend to write rather concise... academic writing that is.) but i calmed myself down when I realized I still hadn't gotten to the meat of my argument yet, and still hadn't added in my source material. So I think right now that I'll be fine. Once I get to a point in this paper where I feel like I'm comfortable I need to hop on over to the FA so i can practice my music so I don't freak out tomorrow or look like an idiot during my jury on Wednesday. I'm still not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel... but at least i'm not standing at the beginning  looking in with terror anymore. I need to be Mario here and jump onto the scary box that looks like it might fall into the lava and just make my way towards the end of this level as fast as I can...

Also... I got work off tomorrow which is another couple of hours to work on everything before I go out to dinner with Jared for his birthday. So that is another HUGE weight lifted off my shoulder. You'd be surprised how much those 5 hours are going to help me.

Back to the paper...

Hell Week Day 1: Episode 2

Episode 2: In which I do... well... nothing for an hour and a half.

1:56- Watching youtube videos... not off to a great start
2:05- facebook
2:11- bathroom break... and then I promise... I'll start to read some of these articles!!!
2:17- Picking up first article...
2:21- Decided to write outline first to know what I'm looking for in said articles... Now working on working outline. (seriously, i'm actually doing this... that's a good start)
2:44: Outline pretty well organized. First page written. (Do you think that deserves a little nap?)

.... I need a class of wine... and a nap.

2:50 -Just resting my eyes
2:53- Going to get coffee because I feel like that will be more productive than sleeping
3:24- Well that trip took longer than anticipated...

But hey now I have coffee, sugar, 2 bottles of tea and a charged ipod. I'm reading to crank out this paper.

Episode 2: end

Hell Week Day 1

I'm warning you off the bat... this is going to be a long... wordy... often times whiny and repetitive series of blog posts. They will undoubtedly be super boring and frequent. That being said... i don't care if you read them or not... If i am going to stay sane through the next 8 hours or so... I'm going to need to be able to write in an unprofessional, messy, judge-free manner. You've been warned.

 Episode 1: In which I find Research and Daunting List
Often times college students complain about finals week... and how they have no time eat, sleep, socialize or do anything that remotely resembles fun. Not me. Once finals week starts, I'm happy... because I can finally see the light at the end of this long, curvy, nasty tunnel of doom that is the end of the semester. The week I dread... is the week right before finals week... the last week of classes; "Hell Week." Why do I hate this week so much? As an English major... ALL of my papers are due during Hell Week, which means not only am I cramming to get all the knowledge I need for my actual finals to stick in my head... but I'm also trying to puke out dozens and dozens of papers into some sort of coherent thought. Right now... I am so disgusted by the amount of work that i have been (blatantly) putting off, that I have decided to blog about my progress so I don't feel like such a worthless human being tomorrow.

Ok I will start off this Hell week blog with my list of things that need to be accomplished by friday:

1.  15 page Capstone paper: Compare and Contrast differences between Angela Carter's The Bloody Chamber with the classic Grimm's fairy tale Bluebeard.
2. Rehearse With Becca before Juries Performance on Wednesday at 12.
3. Finish memorizing music for Juries performance on Wednesday at 12.
4. 10 page paper for Criticism due Friday by midnight.
5. Pick topic for 10 page Crit paper due Friday by Midnight.
6. Xdis Evaluation paper
7. observe a  group in XDIS on Tuesday so I can write my XDIS evaluation paper
8. Finish 10 page XDIS paper: Holocausts effect on Literature
9. Jared's birthday dinner Tuesday night.

Wouldn't it be nice if they gave us like 3 days off of school before finals week to be able to accomplish all of these things and not still have to worry about attending all of my classes... in which we are doing nothing but watching movies in at the moment anyway. STRUGGLE!

Now for the plot:

I walked into the library at 1:00pm. It is now 1:40 (approx).
I have printed off four more sources for my Capstone paper and found the article that I need to use for my analysis and critique for the crit paper. Next step... leave this loud lower level of the library and find a nice quiet nook upstairs that is close to a window and surrounded by bookshelves, where I will attempt to read said articles and hopefully the words will just pop into my brain and demand to be typed out...

I'll let you know how that goes.

Episode 1- Completed

Friday, June 10, 2011

My favoritest movies ever

1. Armageddon... no surprise there right?

2. Stage Beauty


3. Empire Records


4. Beauty and the Beast

5. She's the Man

Friday, June 3, 2011

A Post in which I Ramble

Hi. It has been a while. How have you been? You changed your hair?

Ok kidding, I mean it really has been a while though. What have I been up to??... hmmm... A big pile of NOTHING. It's been nice though, I've been reading... a lot. I've spent practically every day at either Charisse or Courtney's houses or them at mine. It's nice to spend some girl time together... just regular time where we don't have to have every moment planned because we haven't seen each other in ages. Charisse and I are actually sad... we had a sleepover at her house last night. It was fun, we watched a couple movies, talked about how our friend looks exactly like Heath Ledger (alive) and we never even noticed... and then we went to bed. The next morning we woke up, made some waffles... and then what do we do... we read. We sat in the same room, and read our books for 3 hours. How sad are we? The funny thing is is that we do this often. It's actually nice having the company because if there is a really funny line you can turn and share it with the person you are with. Or in today's case Charisse was reading a book that I'd read already, and it's a pretty sad book... and when she finished it... she just turned to me and we started talking about it. It's nice to have someone there... but when i told my sister... she just laughed at me and told me that I was LAME. ha. Yea, I guess reading during a slumber party is pretty lame, but that's just how Charisse and I operate. Courtney on the other hand gets mad at me if I read when I'm hanging out with her... which totally makes sense...

I've been working a little here and there too, but I start full time officially on Friday.... Soooo... I'm sure you'll be hearing all about how my boss doesn't appreciate any of the receptionists and how the spa people are crazy... all that jazz that seems to piss me off every year.

Not sure when I'll get to see Chris yet. His car is sick so he can't come see me. plus, it's just a little easier for me to come there. Plus, then I get to see Laura too. Maybe stop in SF and grab lunch with Kayla or Ash. All possibilities. I talked to my mom about me making a trip out there sometime next month and she seemed fine with it, so maybe i'll get to go sometime in july. I always miss chris, that's a give in. But this summer, I really miss other people too, I miss Laura, and I miss Ash, and my B cubed ladies of course. It would just be so much easier if everyone I loved lived in the same area... but I'm pretty sure that that won't ever happen again. Now all my high school friends live all over Minnesota, Mark in Duluth, Ryan and Abs in Mankato... Soon people are going to be graduating college and moving all over the country. I know that Charisse doesn't want to stay in the Midwest, and Courtney is planning on being Miss. Career Woman and planning on moving out to Chicago... and lately I've been thinking more and more about moving to either Boston or Seattle when I graduate... not to stay permanently, but to just live somewhere other than the midwest for a while. I don't want to live in one area for my whole life... I want to experience other places. I just don't want to lose contact with any of those people that I'm really close to. Ugh... Life is hard. I liked 17 lets go back to 17.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My love of depressing music.

So to compared to my friends, I would say that I have a little more of an...alternative taste in what I like. I really like singer/songwriter stuff, I love really depressing lyrics, and I love duets between men and women. So lately, I've been pretty obsessed with this song, by The Civil Wars, it's called Poison and Wine. It's has everything, really depressing lyrics (completely dysfunctional relationship), man and woman harmonies, and it's slow. YAY.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Hey, been a while!

I'm currently sitting in my room, listening to Rolling in the Deep on repeat, (not) cleaning my room, (not) putting clothes away, definitely taking many dance breaks. (This song rocks!) So I'm home... I worked at the salon the other day, got my hair colored today. Black. Same as I always color it. I know I'm such an emo person. :) I've read a total of ONE book since I've been home. But I bought 5 yesterday so I think I'll have plenty to read this summer. I however do need to invest in another bookshelf. The 5 I already have in my room aren't cutting it, I need to get rid of a small one and in its place put a tall one.

So I thought that since i haven't blogged in a long time, that I would have like all these awesome things to talk about... but in actuality I am boring and have like nothing of interest to talk about. Other than books. Which I talk about a lot on here and I'm sure gets relatively boring pretty fast. Lets see... what can I talk about. How about a list of things that make me happy about being in Minneapolis again (purely artificial of course, family and friends are a give in)
1. I love that there are like 6 radio stations that I LOVE and so if I don't like a song on one of them I have 5 other to choose from and odds are... I like one of the songs that they are playing. Now in SD, I had like 2, and the rest of the stations were gospel, classical or country. (country is to be said in a disgusted tone). So this of course is wonderful for driving.

2. The Shopping. I HATE that if I want something, even something simple like a not crappy pair of flip-flops, It has to be a day trip to sioux falls or City. Now, I don't mind Sioux Falls, although there mall is OK, I HATE Sioux City mall... It's just dirty. I like that here, I quickly drive to the mall, and there are all these lovely stores of everything that I could ever need, and hey look, every fast food restaurant ever invented is in this fabulously huge mall. Oh look a roller coaster... Needless to say, I am quite spoiled when it comes to shopping... I live by Mall of America. I missed you MOA!

3. TACO BELL... no explanation needed

4. Ovations. I like my job at the bookstore in Vermillion... but I LOVE my job here. I love the salon, it's a fun job and I love the people that I work with. YAY!

5. Sleeping in. The wonderful thing about summer, and the fact that I don't work every morning yet, is that I can sleep in until whenever I feel like getting up. That is sooooo nice. Now, i did do this a couple of times at school, but I always have this list of things that I have to do once I get up. Now i don't... (the inner thoughts of my brain at 11 30 in the summer)
"I should get up. I'm sure there is something that I've been putting of that urgently needs to get done."
"Oh wait... HA, it's summer, all I have to wake up for is reading a book."
"Wait do I have to work later today...?"
"No. AWESOME. I'm going to lay in bed for another couple hours reading, then maybe I'll shower, get all cute, and call up charisse or court."
"Sounds like a plan"
"hmmmm.... what should I read."
You know how awesome it is when you realize you are on a 4 month vacation and can sleep ALL DAY!!! It's really awesome! Ok I"m exaggerating a little, starting in June, I work every week day from 8 30 to 3 30 so this sleeping thing is merely a May thing, but I am still happy about it.

These are the things that I am glad to have now that I'm home... however leaving Vermillion is sad. I miss Chris, especially when we talk on the phone. I always miss being around him, but it's a lot harder when I hear his voice. :( But hopefully one of these days we'll be able to figure out when we can visit each other.

Another thing that is not very cool about being home, is that my family is on school and work mode. So they go to bed SUPER early... like  10... this is when I'm used to hanging out with my buddies and Chris... so I'm all hyped up and ready to do something... go somewhere. And... Nothing. Everyone is asleep. Or tired. Or mad at me for waking them up with my "annoying pestering." (pout) Luckily, Courtney will be done with school soon, and we can be  galavanting all over town at ridiculous hours together. The wonderful escapades of Courtney and Brie. That sounds like a book.

Time to go wake up my sister. Just kidding.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Spoiler Alert!

Check out Aprilynne Pike's new book. Book 3 in her wings series.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wanna Know What I'm doing this weekend???

This epic mini series!!

I will now show you all what I did today... via youtube videos :)

1. French Class   9am

2. In-Between Class Time w/ Jen and Jeff... they are playing Friday by Rebecca SUCK in the MUC all week long and I'm really sick of them playing songs really loudly in the student center to raise money... but instead of putting that horrible girl singing... I chose to use Bob Dylan's version of Rebbeca Black's  Friday. Enjoy.

3. Ipod
This is what I listened to on repeat until Friday was out of my head.

4. American Renaissance-
We technically talked about Fredrick Douglass and freedom... and when I put that into youtube I found a video of James Earl Jones reading one of his essays... and then that lead to a link to him reading Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven.... So I chose that one instead...

5. American Literature 2 in which we watched clips from Streetcar named Desire... observe as she walks down the stairs all memorized like.

6. Now I'm in my dorm room... in which I danced repeatedly to this song...

So far... That was my day. Hope you enjoyed watching it... :)

Now because I was inspired by Bob Dylan...More making fun of rebecca black!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Beefaroni, Hamlet, 3-stars and Kodey

So, I've been meaning to blog for a while, constantly thinking "Oh hey, I should blog about Insert interesting topic here' and then I never really get around to it. So I have waited until I have tons to say and the time has (obviously) arrived. So let us begin.

I am sitting in my poorly lit dorm room, waiting for my laundry to dry, eating beefaroni ( I just had to add beefaroni to the dictionary...COME ON dictionary... You should know the word beefaroni), cleaning my room, and listening to music. Not to much fun...well kind of fun... I do like music. This past weekend was really, really fun. Friday afternoon, I went to Sioux Falls with my friend Jenny and her sister and we shopped it up. I bought a new dress from Express and some accessories from New York and Co (not a place I normally shop in, but I was shopping with a 30 year old and her 33 year old sister...Who is a teacher.) It was much much fun. Then Saturday was spent making 4 dozen cupcakes with Ashley is Chris's kitchen. Also much much fun. Saturday night, Chris, Kevin, Tim and I all went to the Chamber Choir's final concert, It was so much fun. I met Bailey and Becca  (Altos in chamber choir) the other day, and I just adore these girls, they remind me a lot of my friends from home, and I hope that we get closer so we can hang out more often. Then after the concert Tim and Chris hosted the Chamber choir after party...which was hilarious!! and soooo much fun. I love these chamber singers (at least the ones that came to the  party...with a couple extras) Sunday was of course the lazy day where I didn't change clothes and did homework. Yup.

A couple weeks ago I was in the Library between classes with my friends Jenn and Jeff, and I was in the Shakespeare section where I found this hilarious book called Twisted Tales from Shakespeare by Richard Armour, and it is soooo funny. Ok it's like English Major funny because unless you've read the actual plays you wouldn't get the joke. So this section is mainly for Charisse and My enjoyment and I will forgive you if you choose to skip over it. I will now give you examples of this books awesomeness categorized by play :

Funny Quote 1: "Some Scholars maintain that in creating the character of Hamlet, Shakespeare was actually depicting himself, a person who could never make up his mind, liked to deliver long speeches when no one was listening, and was always poking his sword through curtains to discourage eavesdropping."
Funny Quote 2: "Shakespeare was never very good at spelling" See Footnote: An indication of Greatness. See Chaucer
Each play also has a little quiz at the end of it, which only add to the humor due to the fact that the quiz is a huge joke, I shall show you:
1. How long can you discuss Rosencrantz without mentioning Guildenstern?
2. Consider the effect on Ophelia's future if she has known know to swim.
Romeo and Juliet
1. Which would you rather be? a. A Montague b. A Capulet c. A Rose by any other name
2. After viewing the corpses of Romeo and Juliet, express your candid opinion of the critic who said that 'at the close of the play both hero and heroine are stronger and finer than at the beginning.'

1. Are you too depressed, after reading this play, to answer questions on it?
5. Make a detailed comparison of the following speeches by Othello:
a. 'The handkerchief!' (III iv, 92)
b. 'The handkerchief!' (III iv, 93)
c. 'The handkerchief!' (III iv, 96)
7. 'Her hand on her bosom, her head on her knee, 
Sing Willow, willow, willow."
Try singing ANY song in that  position.

Ok I'm done with the Shakespeare book quotations now for those of you who skipped them...but boy did you miss out on some fun. 

Okay, another thing that I thought about lately.... books (I bet you're shocked right??) I'm a member of the book website Goodreads.com and in that website you are supposed to rate the books that you have read. Because of this rating system, I have noticed that when I read a really awesome book, a 5-star, I tend to low ball the next books that I read. However, I was super disappointed with the last 3 books that I read, 3-stars which are way worse than 1 stars because 3 stars have such a great story idea, or characters but there is something missing or wrong and I'm just sad. So anyway, last three books I read I gave 3s, and then the book that I just finished was much better, so without thought I gave it 5 stars. I do love the book, and i'm not trying to belittle it's epicness, but I just noticed how easily I give out the 5 star rating after I've been so disappointed by other books. Just a thought I had. 

And now, I will close with this Justin Beiber video...hahaha I bet everyone of you just rolled your eyes. It's actually about a little 3 year old...maybe 5 I don't remember, and she is sooo adorable. I don't like Justin Beiber's music...at all, but this video at least made me respect him. Check it out. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tiny Ball of Light

Famous Threes

I am so BEYOND ready for spring break, and every time i think "Ok I only have this (insert huge assignment here) and then I can basically zone out until Friday." Then I'll finish that and boom...new huge assignment. I am just in the mood to lay in bed, read a book, and sleep. Those 3 things, that's about it. I'm trying to be motivated but I have such horrible self control. If i don't want to get up and study for my french test... I just put it off. It's a horrible habit. Now i'm sitting in my room, trying to decide what to read next. Also trying to convince myself not to go to Barnes and Noble to buy a new book... I think I have a problem. Books are like crack.

Why books are like crack:
1. I spend all of my money on Books, not that i spend all of my money on crack... I don't spend any money on crack... I really don't even know what it is other than a drug, but I hear that it is addicting and people spend a lot of money on it. I watched that movie Requiem for a Dream, he spent all his money... and stole from people. I would never steal money to buy a book but maybe that's why crack is illegal and books are encouraged.
2, They don't last very long. I read at a ridiculous rate. The negative of this is I read books that I like SUPER FAST and books that I don't want to read, I seem to read at the rate that a goldfish would. (Sorry to all the goldfish that I'm stereotyping out there) So anyway, I read these YA books like one a day, and then poof it's done. It sits on my shelf, eventually being picked up by my bestest buddy Charisse, or my roomie Klaw, but other than that they live on one of my 8 bookshelves and stare at me.
3. Addicting!!! Seriously, I read a book one of a series... and then BAM I hooked for 4 years waiting for all the other books to come out. I constantly check the authors blogs to see when the cover art will be done, see when the next one will be published, try to get an arc, I'm like obsessive.
4. I will drive wherever I need to to get said book. Example: Wondrous Strange. The last book in this trilogy was published over christmas break. They came highly recommended and I wanted to read the whole trilogy. So Courtney, Charisse and I went to Eden Prairie BN to buy said book. THEY DIDN"T HAVE THE FIRST ONE! (what bookstore has book 2 and 3 of a series but not 1) Anyway, so I called Mall of America bn, Galleria BN, and Nicolete BN... no one had it! Finally I called Minnetonka... the farthest one that I knew of in the W. Suburbs from where we were, and they said that they MIGHT have it on hand. So i bribed Cheer with 20 bucks and we drove to Minnetonka, where they had the book, I bought all three and was very happy... and down like 50 bucks. (see #1)

This list ended up being more detailed than I first intended... Sorry.

So, I just finished A Touch Mortal and it was ... "ehh"
I'm sick of all of these books that are just coming out that are complete rip offs of other stories, or just plain underdeveloped and overdetailed. But hey I have Charisse to rant to about that, I don't need to bore you all.

So I think that Klaw and I might go to Sioux City today. I could use some Starbucks and a good book. (I clearly have no self-control.)

So my friend Emily (work buddy) is staying with me this weekend. She is a theatre (NOT MUSICAL THEATRE... important distinction) major here and has auditions in Minneapolis this weekend and needed a place to stay. I love her, she's super nice. Now this is why it will be awkward. Her boyfriend Chris Johnson (no relation to my boyfriend, Chris Johnson) is also staying with me for those two days. Now Emily's Chris is a MUSICAL THEATRE major here, and not to generalize but they are all stuck up divas (or divos). I hope that at my house, in my town, with my friends, he will be nice...and humble! Anyway, I have come up with a brilliant solution to quelling the awkwardness. Saturday I am taking them to Mall of America, and I invited Charisse and Courtney. Now, any awkward situation suddenly because amazing when i'm with those two, so I feel that if Em and Em's Chris want to go off on their own on a mall date... so be it. I will not be a third wheel, because I have the Porthos and Athos to my Aramis. The Sabrina and Jill to my Kelly, the Larry and Moe to my Curly. I am actually really looking forward to going shopping on Saturday!!

I don't really have much more to say. Or anything more to say I guess. So I will be off. I commend you if you actually read this whole thing, I tend to ramble, I would get annoyed with me if I were you.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Things I Love...

In honor of the holiday... I will be forming a list of things I love. (and I will be using that term loosly.) Here we go...

1.  Chris...duh, happy Valentines Day Sweetheart!
2. Rihanna's 2011 Grammy Dress
Isn't it pretty, I just want to run around in it and spin in circles!!

3. Vampire Diaries...WAY better than Twilight!!! Like Millions of times better!

4. Supernatural...Greatest show of all time. Seriously I'm like crazy in love with this show!!
5. My reptar slippers. Aren't they awesome!!??

6. Barnes and Noble...Favorite place in the world, if i could live in an apartment right above Barnes and Noble it would be perfect!

7. Paranormal Teen Romance Books, VERY additcting i tell you, but they always seem to be series!

8. Qdoba- My favorite place to eat on earth!! It's wonderful! I'm craving a burrito as I write this.

9. Kingdom Hearts 2... KH1 also wonderful. An extreme waste of time...but wonderfully epic!

10. This 10,000 dollard Lyly Yang dress. Its so awesome!

11. Les Mis, My favorite musical of all time. Hands down.

12. Mall of America

13. Steven Tyler- I will audition for american idol just to meet him.

14. Starbucks Tea...Black of course

15. Caribou Coffee.. I love Caramel coolers, but all of their coffee is superb.

16. Stage Beauty- love this movie.

17. Armageddon- All time favorite movie

I think that 17 is a good place to stop for now. I also love chef boyardee, which is what I am going to go and eat before class. :) Byes!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Today, I treated myself to a day off, a belated birthday present if you will. I know that it's early in the semester and taking a day off is frowned upon, but I wanted a day where I can just relax, check out upcoming books on blogs, watch tv and read. Technically, it's not a full day off, I did go to french class this morning and will be doing my homework starting pretty soon here, but I've been busy busy busy with something or other for the past 3 weeks, whether it be work, school, social obligations, or homework. I just needed a day where nothing was really expected of me. I found dozens of books that are coming out in the next two years, I will spare you the covers, titles, and synopsizes, mainly because the books don't have set cover designs yet.

The negative thing about looking for new books... is that I look at all the ones that I have, and I get excited because they all rock and i want to read them all...but reading a book takes time, time that is better spent reading school stuff, but reading about fallen angels, supernatural love triangles and world ending battles just seems so much more entertaining compared to Emerson describing what a poet is, with all do respect Mr. Emerson...it's boring and while i'm sure you'll still be talked about generations to come...I would much prefer to read about things that take me away to another world, another reality...not listening to you contradict yourself time and time again.

Now that all my literary friends hate me for saying that young adult paranormal romance is better than Emerson... I think I'll be done with this post for today. I am quite busy after all... teen mom is on tonight, and I still have to catch up on last night's episodes of the bachelor, tabatha's salon takeover and pretty little liars. :)


Friday, January 21, 2011

Look Look Isn't it Pretty!!!

Not to be all materialistic and "I want, I want, I want" ...but I totally want!!
This, my friends,is the Apple Ipad. a.k.a little slice of heaven in the form of an electronic.Look at the wonderfulness...

The big, beautiful iPad display lets you browse your music collection by song, artist, album, genre, or composer with the touch of a finger. See your music as full-size album art. Flip through all your albums and tap to choose what you want to hear. It’s as natural as flipping through CDs.

Use the Notes app to jot down anything and everything and take it with you wherever you go. iPad is so thin and light, you can take it to a meeting, a lecture, even the grocery store. The iPad display gives you plenty of space to fill with your notes and to-do lists.

Calendar on iPad keeps your busy life beautifully organized. View your calendar by day, week, or month. See everything in a list. iPad changes views with a tap or a turn. In portrait view, you can see an entire month or the details of a single day. Rotate iPad to landscape, and you’ll find a list of the day’s activities on one side and your detailed schedule on the other. iPad makes it easy to focus on what you’re doing now, even while you plan for what’s next.

Download the iBooks app free from the App Store. More than a great ebook reader, it’s also an amazing place to browse and shop for books day or night. Tap the iBooks icon and your bookshelf appears. Tap the Store button and the bookshelf flips around like a secret passageway to reveal the iBookstore, where you can browse tens of thousands of books — many of them free. Browse by title, author, or genre. View what’s featured on the iBookstore, the New York Timesbest-seller lists, and more. When you find a book you like, tap it to see more details, peruse reviews, even read a free sample. Download the book and it appears on your bookshelf, ready to read. As your library grows, quickly group books or PDFs into collections to keep your bookshelf neat and organized. Books you download are also available on your iPhone and iPod touch, so you’ll never be without your favorite reads.

Isn't it pretty?! :) My Preeeeeeeccccccciiiiious! One day, One day I will be ok with dropping 500 dollars on something as spiffy as that. Unfortunately, I doubt that it will be in this decade, but I think eating and a place to live are a little more important...but they're close. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Semester, New Routine...I hope

Back at school...mixed feelings. Love being with Chris but we're both so edgy right now because we have so much work to do and our schedules are basically opposite, thus creating very little time to actually spend together. The issue with being "edgy" is that very small comments or actions can be taken the wrong way, it's like we are looking for ways to snap at eachother, or a reason to be annoyed. It's not fun, It's wonderful when we can actually sit down and spend time with eachother...watch a movie, grab dinner, but those moments are so difficult to come by, thus creating the "other" moments where we want to have time to hang out but alas we can't...so we get frusterated. It's a tricky situation. Despite my rant...I'm not mad at Chris, not in the least actually, I'm just mad at the fact that we never get to spend time together, and when we do it's "catching up time" filled with homework, reading, e-mail reading, lunch, time before class, friends... basically time with a stop watch. I like it not! I just hope things go back to normal when we get the routine of the new semester down a little better.

On a less important but I'm sure more entertaining note... my tv shows are starting up, I'm way behind but Hulu (when it's working) is my new best friend...sorry Courtney. Kidding, of course. Teen Mom 2 started last week, Pretty Little Liars did as well (Still have to watch the premire), Supernatural is due to start back up in a week, THANK GOODNESS. It is difficult to function without the known fact that Sam and Dean are saving the world from Supernatural creatures gone Rogue. American idol has also started, but that's kindof a last priority show, I only will be watching it for Steven Tyler.

I think the real reason that I'm in a funk, is that i haven't had time to read for fun...at all. It's been reading for classes non-stop, so when I have time where I'm not reading...I'm sleeping or eating. Literally...I get up, go to class, read for class, (sometimes I work), and then I go to sleep. By the time I have time to actually read for fun, my eyes are so tired that I can't focus on the words...and fall asleep. This semester is going to kick my butt, but hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in a few fun books. To keep me from going insane of course!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

abrupt ending

I know that all I really talk about is books on this thing...and I'm sure that ends to be rather annoying for the people who actually want to know what I'm up to...BUT This time I get to do both. For the past, lets say, 36 hours I've read two books, and now, in the next half hour I plan on starting my third. I did start and finish Wondrous Strange, and now when I tear myself away from the computer, I will read the sequel...Darklight. I'm enjoying this nothing to do other than read....Oooo boyfriend calling...bye

Friday, January 7, 2011

Bad Choices.

I seem to have this strange obsession with reading a book the second after I bought it. Normal you say...there's more. If it's the first in a new series I HAVE to start reading it, if it's the first of a series that has been out for a while (maybe even the 2nd and 3rd books are out too) I put it on the self to read later. Now what sense does that make I ask you?!? None! The past three books that I read are Matched by Ally Condie, Paranormalcy by Kiersten White and Unearthly by Cynthia Hand.All new releases, all series with books that aren't released until at earliest...November. Sigh. When deciding what I wanted to read after Paranormacly I gave myself three options: Unearthly (the one I chose), The book that came out 5 days ago, is the first in a series, and in which book 2 comes out next JANUARY. Second Choice: Wondrous Strange, in which the trilogy is completed and all sitting on my self... or Option 3:  The Hollow, a trilogy, I have book one and two, three is out in October. NOW, the smart thing would be to read Wondrous Strange, because I have the whole series already, but no instead I decided to pick up the one that I would have to wait a year for in order to find out what happens next! Then when I'm done with the book, I'm left with this sad, impatient feeling of loneliness. Almost any other book I have would have been a better choice, It was a perfectly wonderful book (which only makes the waiting harder) but of course I will be just turning 22 by the time I can read it...lame. Now I'm in the same situation...I'm staring at my book shelf wondering which one I should read next...It's now between the new Anna Godbersen book about flappers...(that just came out), Wondrous Strange, and The Hollow! I am going to state on Goodreads that I'm reading Wondrous Strange, Hide the other options, grab the book and not put it down until I finish.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pretty Pretty

I just need to post the cover of this book! It's beautiful. It's the third book in my current favorite series and I have been waiting for this cover for months. Now I only need to wait 5 months until I can have the book... tear.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Well, A poem, a List and a tv show later...I'm off to bed

It's after 2.... again...I'm starting to think i'm an Insomniac...
I'm trying to watch the bachelor on hulu but the video keeps stopping and then I have to wait for it to load...it's a frustrating process and should have probably given up about an hour ago but I seem to have this strange uncontrollable determination to finish stupid things that take up time...like watching the bachelor. I was running out of unproductive things to do while I'm waiting for it to load, so I decided to blog, instead of cleaning my room of course, adding that one to my to do list for tomorrow...and tomorrow I will be mad at myself for not doing it tonight...oh the circle of procrastination. Anyway, my day was eventful. Courtney and I hopped a bus to the U of M, naturally the western suburbs decided that they don't want regular buses they want Coach buses, not that I'm complaining, it just helps the rest of the cities hate us even more. :) We walked across campus to one building only to be told we went to the wrong building...way to go Court... and then we just decided to go to Qdoba. Anyway, we picked fake names in case we ever needed them, I'm Jane, she's Kate, and then I fell (a figure skater mind you) on ice, in my boots...in the street... It was ok, i'm fine, I laughed, so did Courtney. Met a Homeless man, named him Norm, he couldn't talk...but he liked Courtney's coat, met Charisse at Mall of America, bought $40 concealer, none of you actually know what I look like...I'm actually very very tan, I just like to look pale...kidding. We shopped, we drank Starbucks...and Caribou, we tried clothes...ok courtney tried on clothes, and then we left. It was a wonderful day.

When I got home, I told my dad about Norm, in which he laughed and my mother made some negative comment (per usual) and then I went up to my room. I love my sisters very much, and I usually don't really care if they borrow my stuff, however, lexa has 2 laptops...but I walk into my room, and my window is open, her skype is logged on and i'm logged off all of my accounts that I usually keep up...Now Lexa...if you are going to sneak onto my computer when I'm not home...you should probably not stay signed into your skype account where I can see all of your conversations and mess with your friends ;). Not that I did anything, but I'm counting this as fair warning for next time. So that's lexi, then there's Mikayla, So I bought a new hat, and for some reason... anything thats in my room that she likes, she feels like I don't want anymore...I'm so sick of hearing "Brianna, Can i have it?" "NO! YOU MAY NOT HAVE IT!" If I don't want it, I'll just give it to you...maybe. ;) They may be a pain, but I love my sisters! They both have such big hearts, and each of them have such funny but different personalities. They are my girls!

So, I'm watching the bachelor...or trying to as you know, and Brad whatever his name is, the one who turned down both girls 3 years ago, is the new bachelor. What I don't understand is why everyone hates him because he turned them both down? If he realized that he wasn't ready for a relationship, and that he couldn't be with either of the girls then he's kindof doing them a favor. I know that I wouldn't want some guy to pick me when he wasn't sure. Now both girls are happily married, and he's stuck being the jerk that broke two hearts. Sometimes you can't help but break a few hearts, or get yours broken, it's part of the process of finding the one that you are supposed to be with. Women as a whole used Brad as a symbol of that "one guy" who broke their heart, and it's not fair to pin all that anger, and sadness on one man. He's not the only person to break up with a girl...and he has a lot of guts to do it on the show rather than leading her on for months afterwards.... I feel for the guy, having to deal with all the hate mail, and slander that he received isn't fair, he did the mature responsible thing, he figured out what was wrong on his end...how many guys would actually admit that HE was the problem? FEW! So give him a chance and show some respect you Brad haters. That was my rant to all the people on the bachelor that they interviewed saying that he's hated and an egoist. It made me mad.

This might end up being a long blog, I fear. The stupid hulu buffer thing keeps going down every 2 seconds and it is really agitating and I only have like 5 mins left so i don't wanna stop. I am mad at hulu.

Hulu oh Hulu
What is wrong with YOU YOU
All I want to Do
Is watch a show or two
Now it's almost three
and you are really annoying me

Do you like my poem? It took me a minute... I know... you're jealous. Oooo it worked 5 bars of buffering!!!YAY.

So... 5 bars evidently can go back to one in like...the same amount of time that 2 can go back to 1. I figured it would last a little longer...

Things not to do when you meet the bachelor:
1. Slap him... I don't think he liked that.
2. Tell him that he is hated by all women...also not very promising
3. Tell him the words "I have to be honest with you..." seriously every other girl said that...it's got to get annoying to hear the same thing 15 times.
4. Wear the ugliest shoes known to man...sorry they just bugged me.
5. Grab his ass...poor scared violated Brad.
6. Cry...Really? It's not like you're going to be dating Johnny Depp...It's some dude named Brad. (and not Pitt unfortunately)
7. Teach him how to propose... I think he knows...he just didn't want to.
8. Wear Dorthy's ruby slippers, dress in the same color as Dorthy and then quote the movie...You might...correction... you will come off a little off your rocker. ( I wonder where that expression came from... i wonder if it's in that expression game that Chris and I always play)
9. Telling him that you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you kiss your prince... and then kiss him... may have sounded like a good plan in your head... but in reality its kind of confusing...is he the prince or the frog?
10. Do a high kick... honey... you're in a dress... bad

I do like looking at all the pretty dresses.. It's like prom all over again. Or maybe just prom dress shopping all over again.

I have wonderful news... I am done with the bachelor episode 1 part 1 and i will try and sit through 2 TOMORROW. I am going to BED!!! Night! Love you Chris!!!!