Monday, February 14, 2011

Things I Love...

In honor of the holiday... I will be forming a list of things I love. (and I will be using that term loosly.) Here we go...

1.  Chris...duh, happy Valentines Day Sweetheart!
2. Rihanna's 2011 Grammy Dress
Isn't it pretty, I just want to run around in it and spin in circles!!

3. Vampire Diaries...WAY better than Twilight!!! Like Millions of times better!

4. Supernatural...Greatest show of all time. Seriously I'm like crazy in love with this show!!
5. My reptar slippers. Aren't they awesome!!??

6. Barnes and Noble...Favorite place in the world, if i could live in an apartment right above Barnes and Noble it would be perfect!

7. Paranormal Teen Romance Books, VERY additcting i tell you, but they always seem to be series!

8. Qdoba- My favorite place to eat on earth!! It's wonderful! I'm craving a burrito as I write this.

9. Kingdom Hearts 2... KH1 also wonderful. An extreme waste of time...but wonderfully epic!

10. This 10,000 dollard Lyly Yang dress. Its so awesome!

11. Les Mis, My favorite musical of all time. Hands down.

12. Mall of America

13. Steven Tyler- I will audition for american idol just to meet him.

14. Starbucks Tea...Black of course

15. Caribou Coffee.. I love Caramel coolers, but all of their coffee is superb.

16. Stage Beauty- love this movie.

17. Armageddon- All time favorite movie

I think that 17 is a good place to stop for now. I also love chef boyardee, which is what I am going to go and eat before class. :) Byes!