Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Famous Threes

I am so BEYOND ready for spring break, and every time i think "Ok I only have this (insert huge assignment here) and then I can basically zone out until Friday." Then I'll finish that and boom...new huge assignment. I am just in the mood to lay in bed, read a book, and sleep. Those 3 things, that's about it. I'm trying to be motivated but I have such horrible self control. If i don't want to get up and study for my french test... I just put it off. It's a horrible habit. Now i'm sitting in my room, trying to decide what to read next. Also trying to convince myself not to go to Barnes and Noble to buy a new book... I think I have a problem. Books are like crack.

Why books are like crack:
1. I spend all of my money on Books, not that i spend all of my money on crack... I don't spend any money on crack... I really don't even know what it is other than a drug, but I hear that it is addicting and people spend a lot of money on it. I watched that movie Requiem for a Dream, he spent all his money... and stole from people. I would never steal money to buy a book but maybe that's why crack is illegal and books are encouraged.
2, They don't last very long. I read at a ridiculous rate. The negative of this is I read books that I like SUPER FAST and books that I don't want to read, I seem to read at the rate that a goldfish would. (Sorry to all the goldfish that I'm stereotyping out there) So anyway, I read these YA books like one a day, and then poof it's done. It sits on my shelf, eventually being picked up by my bestest buddy Charisse, or my roomie Klaw, but other than that they live on one of my 8 bookshelves and stare at me.
3. Addicting!!! Seriously, I read a book one of a series... and then BAM I hooked for 4 years waiting for all the other books to come out. I constantly check the authors blogs to see when the cover art will be done, see when the next one will be published, try to get an arc, I'm like obsessive.
4. I will drive wherever I need to to get said book. Example: Wondrous Strange. The last book in this trilogy was published over christmas break. They came highly recommended and I wanted to read the whole trilogy. So Courtney, Charisse and I went to Eden Prairie BN to buy said book. THEY DIDN"T HAVE THE FIRST ONE! (what bookstore has book 2 and 3 of a series but not 1) Anyway, so I called Mall of America bn, Galleria BN, and Nicolete BN... no one had it! Finally I called Minnetonka... the farthest one that I knew of in the W. Suburbs from where we were, and they said that they MIGHT have it on hand. So i bribed Cheer with 20 bucks and we drove to Minnetonka, where they had the book, I bought all three and was very happy... and down like 50 bucks. (see #1)

This list ended up being more detailed than I first intended... Sorry.

So, I just finished A Touch Mortal and it was ... "ehh"
I'm sick of all of these books that are just coming out that are complete rip offs of other stories, or just plain underdeveloped and overdetailed. But hey I have Charisse to rant to about that, I don't need to bore you all.

So I think that Klaw and I might go to Sioux City today. I could use some Starbucks and a good book. (I clearly have no self-control.)

So my friend Emily (work buddy) is staying with me this weekend. She is a theatre (NOT MUSICAL THEATRE... important distinction) major here and has auditions in Minneapolis this weekend and needed a place to stay. I love her, she's super nice. Now this is why it will be awkward. Her boyfriend Chris Johnson (no relation to my boyfriend, Chris Johnson) is also staying with me for those two days. Now Emily's Chris is a MUSICAL THEATRE major here, and not to generalize but they are all stuck up divas (or divos). I hope that at my house, in my town, with my friends, he will be nice...and humble! Anyway, I have come up with a brilliant solution to quelling the awkwardness. Saturday I am taking them to Mall of America, and I invited Charisse and Courtney. Now, any awkward situation suddenly because amazing when i'm with those two, so I feel that if Em and Em's Chris want to go off on their own on a mall date... so be it. I will not be a third wheel, because I have the Porthos and Athos to my Aramis. The Sabrina and Jill to my Kelly, the Larry and Moe to my Curly. I am actually really looking forward to going shopping on Saturday!!

I don't really have much more to say. Or anything more to say I guess. So I will be off. I commend you if you actually read this whole thing, I tend to ramble, I would get annoyed with me if I were you.



  1. It's not too long. :)
    You know, I'd say we didn't have to go to Sioux City, but I need books and I don't want to go alone. I'm dragging you with me even if you're kicking and screaming. I'm a horrible influence, I know.

  2. I don't think that you'll need to drag me... ;)