Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Homework...Not Reading...Homework! Homework!

The year: 2010, the Day: September 29th.

So many books start like that and I've always thought it was kind of I started my blog with it. :) SOOOO much to do and absolutely NO motivation so do any of it. I want to cuddle up in my bed with my blanket, my boy, and my book. (Torment, see previous blogs) HOWEVER, I have to do my grammar homework and I should probably practice that song I have to sing this weekend, or ya know...clean my mess of a room. BUT like I said...NO motivations so I'll probably just do my grammar homework and watch supernatural...oh and read my book. :)

I get to see my family this weekend! Morgan is getting married and so obviously the family is coming down. My mom told me that Dex got that job in Nebraska. So they are moving in a month. I couldn't imagine just uprooting and leaving all my friends, my family, and my job to a different state. That would be really hard for me, I hope that Morgan is ok with it because I'm sure she is pretty stressed right now with all the last minute details of the wedding.Good thing I've been planning my wedding since I was 14. :) It will be lovely, I just need a million dollars and I'll be all set and ready. (Don't worry, I'm not getting married for at least 4 years)

So I started Torment, I'm on chapter 1. I'm trying really hard to go VERY slow, but I'll give it until about chapter 5 before I can't put it down. This is really a horrible week for you to finish this book Lauren Kate... It's D-Days now, and I have a wedding this weekend AND next week is mid-terms. I have ZERO time to read, and if I do then it is time that I should be spending studying for my Grammar, History, French and Astronomy tests, or writing my Comp paper. I have the worst discipline ever. That's always been a problem, If I want something I buy it/get it. If i don't want to do something I don't do it. Hopefully this is something that I can deal with or that it doesn't apply to important things. Well I'm gonna go read... I mean DO MY HOMEWORK. :)


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

12 weeks til Chrismas

Favorite Show, Favorite Episode, Favorite Scene

Starting the Day Right with Starbucks and Books

The day has come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My book, Torment, has finally be published. Ok so it's not MY book per say... it's Lauren Kate's book...but I now have my copy of said book. This is where I get to make you all feel sad because your boyfriend is so not as cool as mine. Right after my french class today, Chris drove me to Sioux City, first to Starbucks so I could get a proper breakfast, which includes a Black Forest Ham artisan sandwich (wonderful Starbucks sandwiches pictured below...makes your mouth water),
 and a Venti Black Unsweetened Iced Tea. (Which is a really long fancy way of saying Really Big Ice Tea. After Starbucks he drove me to Barnes and Noble, where I got to buy (woohoo) Torment which I have been waiting for all summer. Then we drove back to Vermillion so I could make my 2 o'clock class. He really is such an amazing boyfriend, I couldn't ask for more. :)

 Now i'm sitting in my room staring at the book which is sitting just to my right of the laptop. It is a lovely cover.
Isn't it pretty? Anyway, I'm sitting staring at this lovely cover and like I am with every other book series that I love...I don't know if I should start it. That would mean that I would have to wait a YEAR before the next book (Passions) comes out. You know how long a YEAR is???? I haven't even known Chris for a YEAR, so that means I have to wait longer than a the amount of time we've been dating to read the next book. Do you see my debacle? However, If I don't read it now, then it'll be sitting on my shelf taunting me. I'll start reading it soon but I'm not too excited about this YEAR I have to wait. 

So I've decided to venture back to my childhood and play Pokemon... before you judge...It is actually a pretty fun game, and my deck is a fire damage so it's pretty strong. It's a lot of fun, and while Chris and I are both really competitive and fight every time we play, it is something that we both like to do together, which is cool. The plan for the rest of the night is simple: Beat Kayla at Pokemon, Watch Glee (Britney, Brittany episode so excited), Do French Homework, Finish Grammar Homework, Meet up with Laura at the FA so I can work on the song for the wedding. ( I can't wait until Sunday) 

If you actually made it this far, (and read every word) I'm impressed, If you skimmed and got the basics that is still a lot of skimming but I'm not quite as impressed. Either way, I'm done rambling and about to go whoop some ass with my Charzard. 

:) B

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dear Authors of Young Adult Fiction,

The Background: Every time I go to Barnes and Noble (at school about once a week, at home about 2x a day) I wander through the entire store looking for something new and interesting. I have my sections that I tend to gravitate towards like everyone else. Mine tend to include: Drama, Shakespeare, Adult Fiction, Writing and Journals, Foreign Language, but the section that I usually start and end at and eventually purchase the most books from, always tends to be Teen Fiction. (Usually with a love story with some supernatural twist.Same melody with different lyrics kind of idea.) Now I pick up the book (or books) that I want, purchase them, so a little research on the book or author (because i'm a book nerd) and what do I come to find. 9 out of 10 times this new book is the first book in a SERIES! 

The Problem: Now you see I like series. I love that the story can sustain itself through multiple books. However, I prefer series when said books are ALL or at least mostly published. Depending on how busy I am it takes me  about 2 days to read a book, (teen book) and it takes an author about a year to get the next book published in a series (assuming that she/he has already begun and almost finished the writing process). This in mind, I have to wait 363 days to figure out what happens to these characters that have become part of your life in a sense. Now I'm not impatient, one or two or even three series would be fine, but in the past 3ish months I've purchased at least 14 book 1s of a series. That is 14 books that I have to wait a year just to find out what happens next...not even the end, that could be 3, 4 or even 5 years depending on how many books are in the series. I even ventured into the adult fiction section to find just a stand alone book...guess what...the sequel comes out next summer...

The Solution: Either you author folk need to write a book in like 2 days, I need to take a year to read said book, OR one of you authors needs to write just a stand alone sequel, no prequel, no threequel...just one, one WELL WRITTEN book that I can read while I'm waiting for these 2342987 other books to come out. I'll be waiting...

Monday, September 20, 2010


So my Astronomy prof. is Asian and it is very difficult to understand him SO here is what my Astro notes look like for today :



No one shines… cept Ivane… she’s a star, she shines.

I think he said happy is stinky… but one can’t be sure.

No one is big enough to stand on top of the earth…the photo is exaggerated.

Feb. only can have 29 days, NEVER30 days!

The answer to all of his thought questions is always C!

Moon is shy

He has to go potty.

The axis of the moon tooted 5 degrees…5 degrees of what is uncertain.

He likes to walk in a big U shape, which means that I need to close the webpage I’m on every 3 mins

He’s not going to go over chapter 3, we have to read it on our own, he’s not going to go over it in class, did you get that he’s NOT going over chapter 3, it’s just a simple story, so he’s not going to go over chapter three but he’ll sum it up in 5 mins….. Isn’t that going over it.

Jupiter = big ass planet

When you look at the sky and try and see planets, you can’t see earth because we are on it.

Venus is referred to as “The Venus”

The correct pronunciation of the word wave is (Weef)