Monday, December 5, 2011

Hell Week Day 1: Episode 4

Episode 4: In which my coffee is cold and my outline is amazingly detailed

It's true... my coffee is cold. :(

BUT on the bright side I'm just shy of 5.5 pages. :) I took a little break from actually writing to organize my thoughts a little better in my outline. I was starting to get worried that the paper might jump around a bit but now I think it's laid out rather nicely.

It's dark out and the 2nd floor of the library is starting to clear out a little bit. I'm thinking that within the next hour i might brave the cold weather so I can have a little change of scenery. I still have to go home and make some supper and hop in the shower... and organize myself for tomorrow. So I'm sure I'll be able to get at least a little work done while my food is cooking. I bet your smiling to yourself right now thinking that you know that I will get ZERO work done if I go to my apt... but truthfully I think you're wrong. I've got a good chunk done... and usually the part that i struggle with the most is actually sitting down and starting it... but I've clearly already done that... for 5 hours. (sad... that's like a page an hour... SOOO not what I'm used to) I think that at about 7 I might start heading over to my apt and then it's monday night so I'll pop over to Beta to have a homework date with Jared. Another change of scenery, and hey, no work tomorrow... so after XDIS... (or during XDIS) I can get some more work done.

I'm slowly trudging through this damn tunnel...

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