Monday, December 5, 2011

Hell Week Day 1: Episode 2

Episode 2: In which I do... well... nothing for an hour and a half.

1:56- Watching youtube videos... not off to a great start
2:05- facebook
2:11- bathroom break... and then I promise... I'll start to read some of these articles!!!
2:17- Picking up first article...
2:21- Decided to write outline first to know what I'm looking for in said articles... Now working on working outline. (seriously, i'm actually doing this... that's a good start)
2:44: Outline pretty well organized. First page written. (Do you think that deserves a little nap?)

.... I need a class of wine... and a nap.

2:50 -Just resting my eyes
2:53- Going to get coffee because I feel like that will be more productive than sleeping
3:24- Well that trip took longer than anticipated...

But hey now I have coffee, sugar, 2 bottles of tea and a charged ipod. I'm reading to crank out this paper.

Episode 2: end

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