Saturday, May 21, 2011

My love of depressing music.

So to compared to my friends, I would say that I have a little more of an...alternative taste in what I like. I really like singer/songwriter stuff, I love really depressing lyrics, and I love duets between men and women. So lately, I've been pretty obsessed with this song, by The Civil Wars, it's called Poison and Wine. It's has everything, really depressing lyrics (completely dysfunctional relationship), man and woman harmonies, and it's slow. YAY.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Hey, been a while!

I'm currently sitting in my room, listening to Rolling in the Deep on repeat, (not) cleaning my room, (not) putting clothes away, definitely taking many dance breaks. (This song rocks!) So I'm home... I worked at the salon the other day, got my hair colored today. Black. Same as I always color it. I know I'm such an emo person. :) I've read a total of ONE book since I've been home. But I bought 5 yesterday so I think I'll have plenty to read this summer. I however do need to invest in another bookshelf. The 5 I already have in my room aren't cutting it, I need to get rid of a small one and in its place put a tall one.

So I thought that since i haven't blogged in a long time, that I would have like all these awesome things to talk about... but in actuality I am boring and have like nothing of interest to talk about. Other than books. Which I talk about a lot on here and I'm sure gets relatively boring pretty fast. Lets see... what can I talk about. How about a list of things that make me happy about being in Minneapolis again (purely artificial of course, family and friends are a give in)
1. I love that there are like 6 radio stations that I LOVE and so if I don't like a song on one of them I have 5 other to choose from and odds are... I like one of the songs that they are playing. Now in SD, I had like 2, and the rest of the stations were gospel, classical or country. (country is to be said in a disgusted tone). So this of course is wonderful for driving.

2. The Shopping. I HATE that if I want something, even something simple like a not crappy pair of flip-flops, It has to be a day trip to sioux falls or City. Now, I don't mind Sioux Falls, although there mall is OK, I HATE Sioux City mall... It's just dirty. I like that here, I quickly drive to the mall, and there are all these lovely stores of everything that I could ever need, and hey look, every fast food restaurant ever invented is in this fabulously huge mall. Oh look a roller coaster... Needless to say, I am quite spoiled when it comes to shopping... I live by Mall of America. I missed you MOA!

3. TACO BELL... no explanation needed

4. Ovations. I like my job at the bookstore in Vermillion... but I LOVE my job here. I love the salon, it's a fun job and I love the people that I work with. YAY!

5. Sleeping in. The wonderful thing about summer, and the fact that I don't work every morning yet, is that I can sleep in until whenever I feel like getting up. That is sooooo nice. Now, i did do this a couple of times at school, but I always have this list of things that I have to do once I get up. Now i don't... (the inner thoughts of my brain at 11 30 in the summer)
"I should get up. I'm sure there is something that I've been putting of that urgently needs to get done."
"Oh wait... HA, it's summer, all I have to wake up for is reading a book."
"Wait do I have to work later today...?"
"No. AWESOME. I'm going to lay in bed for another couple hours reading, then maybe I'll shower, get all cute, and call up charisse or court."
"Sounds like a plan"
"hmmmm.... what should I read."
You know how awesome it is when you realize you are on a 4 month vacation and can sleep ALL DAY!!! It's really awesome! Ok I"m exaggerating a little, starting in June, I work every week day from 8 30 to 3 30 so this sleeping thing is merely a May thing, but I am still happy about it.

These are the things that I am glad to have now that I'm home... however leaving Vermillion is sad. I miss Chris, especially when we talk on the phone. I always miss being around him, but it's a lot harder when I hear his voice. :( But hopefully one of these days we'll be able to figure out when we can visit each other.

Another thing that is not very cool about being home, is that my family is on school and work mode. So they go to bed SUPER early... like  10... this is when I'm used to hanging out with my buddies and Chris... so I'm all hyped up and ready to do something... go somewhere. And... Nothing. Everyone is asleep. Or tired. Or mad at me for waking them up with my "annoying pestering." (pout) Luckily, Courtney will be done with school soon, and we can be  galavanting all over town at ridiculous hours together. The wonderful escapades of Courtney and Brie. That sounds like a book.

Time to go wake up my sister. Just kidding.