Friday, October 22, 2010

Mid-term= Never-ending list of things to do

Well, It's that time of the year... SOOO much going on all at once.
1. Finishing up Mid-term papers (a Jillion to go)
2. Going through the daunting task of trying to organize next semesters course schedule. Naturally it is Always impossible to get all the classes you want because of different conflicts.
3. I always manage to hurt myself this time of year...Last year broken finger...This year Bum ankle...
4. Everyone is really sick...My grandma, my grandpa and my dad. It's just an ever present worry in my already tiring and strained day.
5. Christmas is coming. Both wonderful and sad. Wonderful because I love the month from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Shopping in those packed malls with all the decorations, sales, and Santa clauses' is the greatest experience. HOWEVER, I always want to spoil the crap out my family and friends...but this year I'm broke. Depressing.
6. Deciding on what to do this upcoming summer. I know it's a semester away but it's something that needs to be planned very early. I could go to Paris for a study trip (expensive) but it would finish up my French Minor, OR I could get a job at a summer camp (looks great on resume) or I can stay at my Salon where I get good hours, make good money and love the people I work with, but I might have to get a second job because of the number of people that now work there.
7. Meetings, Meetings, Meetings. Meetings for mid-term papers. Meetings for advisor check-ups, (in 2 departments), Meetings for Trips. AWW!
8. Choir concert next week.
9. Trying to figure out what I want for Christmas...parents, grandparents keep e-mailing

So first I'm going to talk about number 2. I had a meeting with my new English advisor today and we discussed some of my course options for next semester. I was really interested in the recently added Shakespeare class, so after my meeting with said Advisor, I walked down to Dr. Farabee's office. (she's teaching the course) We started by talking about the course and then she mentioned a study tour that she is running over spring break this year. It's a study tour to Staunton, VA. We would work at the local playhouse. (a replica of Shakespeare's) During the day we get to sit in on rehearsals, sit in on lectures, and get to join workshops with the directors and actors. In the evenings, we attend a different show that the playhouse puts on. It's approx. 2000 dollars for the 2 credit hours, plane tickets, hotel for 8 nights, breakfasts, 2 formal dinners, bus fair, and 5 tickets to the performances. You know how amazing this tour would look on my resume, I would love to teach Shakespeare in a high school environment. So excited!

So back tracking a little bit and talking about number 1. It took me 8 hours!!!!! to write my history paper. I think i'm losing my edge. ha just kidding. It was just a lot of things that needed to be included and I didn't want it to sound like I was just going through a check-list. (which i was doing) So I spent about 30-45 mins on each paragraph and about 2 hours going through all the reviews that we needed to incorporate and trying to figure out what I wanted to include. Then it took me FOREVER to get the stupid format the way that it was supposed to be...Word can be so frustrating when it doesn't do what you want it to.

Ok I think I'm done rambling for the day...I feel like I complain a lot in this blog... oh well what's new. Til next time. Below is a lovely Rudolph the Red-Rose Reindeer to celebrate only 9 weeks until Christmas. :) Enjoy! It's my favorite.

9 Weeks 'Til Christmas

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's the Little Things in Life...

I am a happy camper! Why am I a happy camper you ask? There I was sitting in my French class dreading having to go to grammar, for no particular reason other than the lack of interest in the subject. After class, Chris picked me up (nice!) and drove me to my apartment. This is where we usually eat lunch together but evidently he didn't sleep very well last night to he is napping. Anyway, back to my story, While Chris is snoozing away I decide to go check my e-mail and make a few of them myself. I go into my mailbox and I see a lovely e-mail from my grammar teacher telling me that class is canceled today. YIPPEE! I did a nice little dance. (This is where I would insert either a picture of me really happy, or a little cartoon dancing, however Blogger is telling me that I can't upload anything until 5. So a happy face will just have to suffice.) :)  I usually hate Tuesdays but now it's only 12ish and I'm already done with my classes for the day. I now have all day to work on papers, read, watch tv, and do homework. Mostly, just work on papers though. It's a tad unfortunate but at least now I have more time than I anticipated. Just a little happy news that I felt the need to document.


Friday, October 8, 2010

I Miss You!

Today I got a very rare treat. I got to talk to Courtney for more than 10 minutes and I got to talk to Charisse for more than 30 mins! My two best friends in the world! According to World Bank,the world has 6,697,254,041 people. Of those 6.7 billion odd people, 307,006,550 of them are from the United States...legally. Either way, that is a lot of people. Of those 3.1 million people in this country (legally) Courtney and Charisse are 2 of the 3 people (other than family) that I love more than anything in the world. SO... getting to talk to both of them in one morning is a very rare thing with our hectic collegiate schedules. Court lives about 45 mins from our hometown SO, it's not a super rare thing when she's home, but Charisse doesn't make it home incredibly often and she told me that she is home today. She is going to the Chaska vs. Chanhassen football game tonight, and I just got really REALLY really homesick.

Sometimes I don't even realize how much I miss those two, until I talk to them. Sitting with Charisse and Courtney at a football game in our hometown, at our old high school sounds like the best possible way to spend my Friday night. If i had a car, I promise you the second choir was over I would be in it and on my way home. BUT as I do not have a car, (or money) I am stuck in South Dakota. Chris offered to take me home this weekend already in light of some unfortunate news from my house, BUT I know that he only really asks for me and he doesn't actually want to go to the cities. He is busy and I don't want to contribute to him falling behind on any of his school work. He's already stressed enough as it is. Plus I don't know how much fun he would have at my high school football game with Charisse and Courtney. I know that he likes them, but when the three of us girls get together, we go into crazy speak and it's almost impossible to keep up because we jump around from subject to subject so fast. I'm not saying he wouldn't be able to keep up, I just don't think he would enjoy himself very much, I'm sure he would just worry about when he is planning on getting his work done. Which I don't fault him for at all. He does offer to let me take his car too, but then that's just more mileage on his car and less oil. I just wish I had my own car so I could drive myself home and go to the game with my girls without having to inconvenience him.

OK back to CBC, I LOVE that college hasn't changed our relationships. I still talk to Courtney practically everyday and we are still the first to know every important detail of each others lives. I love that! I wouldn't change that for the world. Court is my Soul best friend. hehe. She really is my rock on so many levels. It's good to always have one constant in all walks of life. No matter what I've gone through in the past 6 years really, she's been there. Family issues, Boy issues, School issues, heartbreaks, emotional weaknesses, college, and just the days where I need someone to just sit and read next to me without saying anything. She's been there. I love that Courtney and I still know that no matter what the other person says, we don't judge because we just KNOW. I love that there is NO doubt in our minds as to who is going to be our Maid of Honor in our wedding. I love that our friendship has survived since middle school and only gotten stronger as the days go by.

Then there's Charisse, seriously I was kind of creeped out when I met her. We look nothing alike (we actually are pretty opposite on that) but we are SOOO similar every other way that it's creepy. We love the same books (generally) we have the same life goals, the same values, we both love to sing, act and dance. I think throughout our ENTIRE senior year we only had 1 class that we didn't have together between Yearbook, Choir, Gov't, and Shakespeare. Then there was the musical and cheerleading on top of that. We were inseparable and I really thought that eventually we'd get sick of each other. Nope! Not at all. Of all of my friends, Charisse is hands down most like a sister to me. So alike in someways, but so different in others. It's actually surprising at how many people though we were fraternal twins, or cousins or something. Now that we're in college we obviously don't get to spend as much time together but I love that even when we can't see or talk to each other as often as we'd like, the moment we reconnect it's exactly the same.

I love my best friends, and I miss you both SOO much. I can't wait until we get to have another CBC night!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just Tired

In need of a Vacation.
Want to go see a show
Miss my Best Friend, Court.
Sick of conjugating French Verbs
Want to spend a whole Saturday Reading.
Want a weekend where I can relax not run around
Just want to be in Chaska, Chanhassen , of Eden Prairie
Longing for Thanksgiving: Macy's Day Parade, Turkey, Relaxation
Just want to spend a day at Barnes and Noble drinking coffee and reading.
Ready to be done with first semester but only half way done: UGH
Want to lay in my bed all day long or at least sleep until noon.
Miss waking up at 7:30 and love that I am going to work.
HATE working at Barnes and Noble: SO BORING!
Miss not having to time manage for papers or tests.
Miss my little sisters high school drama rants.
Miss my mom's mashed potatoes.
Need a Vacation, Badly!
Very Stressed.
Very Broke.

Monday, October 4, 2010

11 weeks 'til Christmas


I finished it...

Now I have to wait until next summer to know what happens next.

The only thing worse than this, is when I actually finish the series. It's a strange feeling, it's satisfying, but sad. Closing the book is literally like closing the last page on that chapter of my life. It's depressing in a way, but where one chapter closes another this sense, another book opens. Evidently I'm on an angel kick so I've picked up Halo. I have a couple other ones that I really want to read but they either have too similar of a plot or the same character names as Fallen and I don't want to get them confused. One being Ann Brashares My Name is Memory. Now the similarities in these  two stories are uncanny.

Fallen: Two star crossed lovers trying to be together through many lives. Book takes place in the current life where something has changed and there is a possibility that the cycle will end.

My name is memory-  Two star crossed lovers trying to be together through many lives. Book takes place in the current life where something has changed and there is a possibility that the cycle will end.

Fallen- Boy remembers all the past lives, Girl doesn't

My Name is Memory- Boy remembers all the past lives, Girl doesn't

Character names:
Fallen- Lucinda (Luce) and Daniel

My Name is Memory- Lucy and Daniel

Now that is just a little too coincidental, don't ya think.I do. Now you can see why i'm hesitant to start My Name is Memory, when I've already read Fallen. They do have some big differences too though, Fallen deals with Fallen angels while I assume that the other does not. Tonight I am looking forward to sitting on the couch cuddled up in a blanket, watching the 31 days of Halloween on abc and doing my French homework.

Bon Nuit Tout Le Monde!