Monday, February 27, 2012

What a crazy busy week this week is going to be... I'll spare you the day to day details but to put it bluntly I have zero time to relax... or even go to bed earlier than normal... blah. I'm really excited for tour though so there is some sort of light at the end of the tunnel.

I went grocery shopping yesterday... It was a little strange when I looked down in my cart and realized I had "adult food." Adult food: Food that needs more than just a microwave to cook it. This is very easily the first time that my cart wasn't invaded by pounds of soup and various types of chef boyardee. I actually bought bacon... and then you wanna know what I went home and did with that bacon... I cooked it. :)

That being said, It's sort of funny how people change, and adapt into a different relationship. Chris cooks... like real (adult) food. So, I really never had the need to do any cooking because he was clearly the superior chef. Pretty sure I asked him how to make tomato soup once, he pointed to the can where the directions read: 'cook.' Jared, however, is a master at ramen. :) While this was great for my scale, Ramen really doesn't hit the spot 4 days a week. ;) So, I started making things like Hamburger helper, BLTs, Grilled Cheese and tomato soup... and yesterday I cooked a whole meal... like with side dishes and everything. You may be laughing at me because honestly a 22 year old cooking a meal isn't really impressive...  but HEY! I feel accomplished. I called Court last night and told her about my day of cooking and laundry and she was all: "who are you?" It is just fascinating to me  how roles in relationships can drastically change when you begin a relationship with someone else. I wonder if this is a common thing, that if you notice that something is missing in a relationship that you had in a previous one (ie a person who cooks) you try to fill that. Granted my cooking isn't Chris's yummy salmon... but honestly we did eat out more than he ever cooked... so I feel good about myself when I cook food rather than eat too much at a restaurant.

Food is not the only thing that was different, as much as i'm sure he doesn't want to read this... Chris you might want to skip this section. (pretty sure you're the only one who actually reads these posts though) Jared is just different. There really isn't a time when I'm not thinking about him or want to be with him. For the first time in my life, I'm content with lying in bed all day and doing nothing but talking. Jared's little quirks that would normal drive me crazy, like telling the same awful joke 300 times a week, I instead find endearing and can't help shaking my head and laughing at him. I'll be talking with my friends and subconsciously try to find excuses to bring him up in conversation. Kristen, Hannah, and Laura are angels for not smacking me in the face whenever I word vomit about Jared. This is the first time in a relationship where I just want to be next to him, it's been almost 4 months and my heart still flutters when I see him in the hallway, I still skips a beat when he grabs my hand. He just makes me smile all the time, and no matter what hardships i'm going through... It feels ok because I know that he will hug me, tell me everything is ok, and tell me he loves me. Nothing can be wrong when he says these things to me. I'm so lucky to be with him.

Ok.. gooey mushy stuff is over...

Only about 7 mins of class left, Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver comes out tomorrow and I still have a gift card (it's lasted 2 weeks... record me thinks) I REALLY REALLY want to go to BN to get it (hey that's another big difference btwn ,my relationships with Chris and Jared, Now I never freakin leave Vermillion... blah) I do really miss Chris though (and I'm not just saying that) I miss our trips to Sufu and sioux city where we would just enjoy each others time as people, but hey obviously when relationships end... things change, even if some of those things you don't necessarily want to change. Anyway... back to what I was saying... I have to go to BN before tour so I have a book to read. Ok 1 min left now... I need to log off.