Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Well, A poem, a List and a tv show later...I'm off to bed

It's after 2.... again...I'm starting to think i'm an Insomniac...
I'm trying to watch the bachelor on hulu but the video keeps stopping and then I have to wait for it to's a frustrating process and should have probably given up about an hour ago but I seem to have this strange uncontrollable determination to finish stupid things that take up watching the bachelor. I was running out of unproductive things to do while I'm waiting for it to load, so I decided to blog, instead of cleaning my room of course, adding that one to my to do list for tomorrow...and tomorrow I will be mad at myself for not doing it tonight...oh the circle of procrastination. Anyway, my day was eventful. Courtney and I hopped a bus to the U of M, naturally the western suburbs decided that they don't want regular buses they want Coach buses, not that I'm complaining, it just helps the rest of the cities hate us even more. :) We walked across campus to one building only to be told we went to the wrong building...way to go Court... and then we just decided to go to Qdoba. Anyway, we picked fake names in case we ever needed them, I'm Jane, she's Kate, and then I fell (a figure skater mind you) on ice, in my the street... It was ok, i'm fine, I laughed, so did Courtney. Met a Homeless man, named him Norm, he couldn't talk...but he liked Courtney's coat, met Charisse at Mall of America, bought $40 concealer, none of you actually know what I look like...I'm actually very very tan, I just like to look pale...kidding. We shopped, we drank Starbucks...and Caribou, we tried clothes...ok courtney tried on clothes, and then we left. It was a wonderful day.

When I got home, I told my dad about Norm, in which he laughed and my mother made some negative comment (per usual) and then I went up to my room. I love my sisters very much, and I usually don't really care if they borrow my stuff, however, lexa has 2 laptops...but I walk into my room, and my window is open, her skype is logged on and i'm logged off all of my accounts that I usually keep up...Now Lexa...if you are going to sneak onto my computer when I'm not should probably not stay signed into your skype account where I can see all of your conversations and mess with your friends ;). Not that I did anything, but I'm counting this as fair warning for next time. So that's lexi, then there's Mikayla, So I bought a new hat, and for some reason... anything thats in my room that she likes, she feels like I don't want anymore...I'm so sick of hearing "Brianna, Can i have it?" "NO! YOU MAY NOT HAVE IT!" If I don't want it, I'll just give it to you...maybe. ;) They may be a pain, but I love my sisters! They both have such big hearts, and each of them have such funny but different personalities. They are my girls!

So, I'm watching the bachelor...or trying to as you know, and Brad whatever his name is, the one who turned down both girls 3 years ago, is the new bachelor. What I don't understand is why everyone hates him because he turned them both down? If he realized that he wasn't ready for a relationship, and that he couldn't be with either of the girls then he's kindof doing them a favor. I know that I wouldn't want some guy to pick me when he wasn't sure. Now both girls are happily married, and he's stuck being the jerk that broke two hearts. Sometimes you can't help but break a few hearts, or get yours broken, it's part of the process of finding the one that you are supposed to be with. Women as a whole used Brad as a symbol of that "one guy" who broke their heart, and it's not fair to pin all that anger, and sadness on one man. He's not the only person to break up with a girl...and he has a lot of guts to do it on the show rather than leading her on for months afterwards.... I feel for the guy, having to deal with all the hate mail, and slander that he received isn't fair, he did the mature responsible thing, he figured out what was wrong on his many guys would actually admit that HE was the problem? FEW! So give him a chance and show some respect you Brad haters. That was my rant to all the people on the bachelor that they interviewed saying that he's hated and an egoist. It made me mad.

This might end up being a long blog, I fear. The stupid hulu buffer thing keeps going down every 2 seconds and it is really agitating and I only have like 5 mins left so i don't wanna stop. I am mad at hulu.

Hulu oh Hulu
What is wrong with YOU YOU
All I want to Do
Is watch a show or two
Now it's almost three
and you are really annoying me

Do you like my poem? It took me a minute... I know... you're jealous. Oooo it worked 5 bars of buffering!!!YAY.

So... 5 bars evidently can go back to one in like...the same amount of time that 2 can go back to 1. I figured it would last a little longer...

Things not to do when you meet the bachelor:
1. Slap him... I don't think he liked that.
2. Tell him that he is hated by all women...also not very promising
3. Tell him the words "I have to be honest with you..." seriously every other girl said's got to get annoying to hear the same thing 15 times.
4. Wear the ugliest shoes known to man...sorry they just bugged me.
5. Grab his ass...poor scared violated Brad.
6. Cry...Really? It's not like you're going to be dating Johnny Depp...It's some dude named Brad. (and not Pitt unfortunately)
7. Teach him how to propose... I think he knows...he just didn't want to.
8. Wear Dorthy's ruby slippers, dress in the same color as Dorthy and then quote the movie...You might...correction... you will come off a little off your rocker. ( I wonder where that expression came from... i wonder if it's in that expression game that Chris and I always play)
9. Telling him that you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you kiss your prince... and then kiss him... may have sounded like a good plan in your head... but in reality its kind of he the prince or the frog?
10. Do a high kick... honey... you're in a dress... bad

I do like looking at all the pretty dresses.. It's like prom all over again. Or maybe just prom dress shopping all over again.

I have wonderful news... I am done with the bachelor episode 1 part 1 and i will try and sit through 2 TOMORROW. I am going to BED!!! Night! Love you Chris!!!!

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