Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Today, I treated myself to a day off, a belated birthday present if you will. I know that it's early in the semester and taking a day off is frowned upon, but I wanted a day where I can just relax, check out upcoming books on blogs, watch tv and read. Technically, it's not a full day off, I did go to french class this morning and will be doing my homework starting pretty soon here, but I've been busy busy busy with something or other for the past 3 weeks, whether it be work, school, social obligations, or homework. I just needed a day where nothing was really expected of me. I found dozens of books that are coming out in the next two years, I will spare you the covers, titles, and synopsizes, mainly because the books don't have set cover designs yet.

The negative thing about looking for new books... is that I look at all the ones that I have, and I get excited because they all rock and i want to read them all...but reading a book takes time, time that is better spent reading school stuff, but reading about fallen angels, supernatural love triangles and world ending battles just seems so much more entertaining compared to Emerson describing what a poet is, with all do respect Mr. Emerson...it's boring and while i'm sure you'll still be talked about generations to come...I would much prefer to read about things that take me away to another world, another reality...not listening to you contradict yourself time and time again.

Now that all my literary friends hate me for saying that young adult paranormal romance is better than Emerson... I think I'll be done with this post for today. I am quite busy after all... teen mom is on tonight, and I still have to catch up on last night's episodes of the bachelor, tabatha's salon takeover and pretty little liars. :)


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