Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hell Week Day 2: Episode 5

Episode 5: In which I got a huge chunk of work done yesterday and now I feel like i can slack of but I really can't

The title pretty much tells it like it is. I have about 7 more pages to crank out of this paper and it's Jared's birthday so I have zero motivation to do anything except hang out with him.... but being the great person that he is... he came to the library with me and we are doing homework together. This is good... this means that I won't be spending an hour and a half walking around the library trying to avoid my homework.

I'm really hoping that i'm correct in this being a productive study session... because I have about an hour and 20 mins before his birthday dinner.

Think positive!

Episode 5: end

Monday, December 5, 2011

Hell Week Day 1: Episode 4

Episode 4: In which my coffee is cold and my outline is amazingly detailed

It's true... my coffee is cold. :(

BUT on the bright side I'm just shy of 5.5 pages. :) I took a little break from actually writing to organize my thoughts a little better in my outline. I was starting to get worried that the paper might jump around a bit but now I think it's laid out rather nicely.

It's dark out and the 2nd floor of the library is starting to clear out a little bit. I'm thinking that within the next hour i might brave the cold weather so I can have a little change of scenery. I still have to go home and make some supper and hop in the shower... and organize myself for tomorrow. So I'm sure I'll be able to get at least a little work done while my food is cooking. I bet your smiling to yourself right now thinking that you know that I will get ZERO work done if I go to my apt... but truthfully I think you're wrong. I've got a good chunk done... and usually the part that i struggle with the most is actually sitting down and starting it... but I've clearly already done that... for 5 hours. (sad... that's like a page an hour... SOOO not what I'm used to) I think that at about 7 I might start heading over to my apt and then it's monday night so I'll pop over to Beta to have a homework date with Jared. Another change of scenery, and hey, no work tomorrow... so after XDIS... (or during XDIS) I can get some more work done.

I'm slowly trudging through this damn tunnel...

Hell Week Day 1: Episode 3

Episode 3: In which I make Significant Progress and compare Mario Levels to Hell Week

So I'm at about 3.5 pages. Only a little over a 5th done... but still... considering what my last hour and half was like (see episode 2) another 2.5 pages is a good run. It took a little longer than I would have liked, but of course,  I did have a couple distractions (courtney called, and I had to pee) but I overall I think I'm doing fine, I had a minor freak out when I realized that I only had 3 pages done and still needed 12 more and didn't know if I had 12 pages worth of stuff to talk about... (I tend to write rather concise... academic writing that is.) but i calmed myself down when I realized I still hadn't gotten to the meat of my argument yet, and still hadn't added in my source material. So I think right now that I'll be fine. Once I get to a point in this paper where I feel like I'm comfortable I need to hop on over to the FA so i can practice my music so I don't freak out tomorrow or look like an idiot during my jury on Wednesday. I'm still not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel... but at least i'm not standing at the beginning  looking in with terror anymore. I need to be Mario here and jump onto the scary box that looks like it might fall into the lava and just make my way towards the end of this level as fast as I can...

Also... I got work off tomorrow which is another couple of hours to work on everything before I go out to dinner with Jared for his birthday. So that is another HUGE weight lifted off my shoulder. You'd be surprised how much those 5 hours are going to help me.

Back to the paper...

Hell Week Day 1: Episode 2

Episode 2: In which I do... well... nothing for an hour and a half.

1:56- Watching youtube videos... not off to a great start
2:05- facebook
2:11- bathroom break... and then I promise... I'll start to read some of these articles!!!
2:17- Picking up first article...
2:21- Decided to write outline first to know what I'm looking for in said articles... Now working on working outline. (seriously, i'm actually doing this... that's a good start)
2:44: Outline pretty well organized. First page written. (Do you think that deserves a little nap?)

.... I need a class of wine... and a nap.

2:50 -Just resting my eyes
2:53- Going to get coffee because I feel like that will be more productive than sleeping
3:24- Well that trip took longer than anticipated...

But hey now I have coffee, sugar, 2 bottles of tea and a charged ipod. I'm reading to crank out this paper.

Episode 2: end

Hell Week Day 1

I'm warning you off the bat... this is going to be a long... wordy... often times whiny and repetitive series of blog posts. They will undoubtedly be super boring and frequent. That being said... i don't care if you read them or not... If i am going to stay sane through the next 8 hours or so... I'm going to need to be able to write in an unprofessional, messy, judge-free manner. You've been warned.

 Episode 1: In which I find Research and Daunting List
Often times college students complain about finals week... and how they have no time eat, sleep, socialize or do anything that remotely resembles fun. Not me. Once finals week starts, I'm happy... because I can finally see the light at the end of this long, curvy, nasty tunnel of doom that is the end of the semester. The week I dread... is the week right before finals week... the last week of classes; "Hell Week." Why do I hate this week so much? As an English major... ALL of my papers are due during Hell Week, which means not only am I cramming to get all the knowledge I need for my actual finals to stick in my head... but I'm also trying to puke out dozens and dozens of papers into some sort of coherent thought. Right now... I am so disgusted by the amount of work that i have been (blatantly) putting off, that I have decided to blog about my progress so I don't feel like such a worthless human being tomorrow.

Ok I will start off this Hell week blog with my list of things that need to be accomplished by friday:

1.  15 page Capstone paper: Compare and Contrast differences between Angela Carter's The Bloody Chamber with the classic Grimm's fairy tale Bluebeard.
2. Rehearse With Becca before Juries Performance on Wednesday at 12.
3. Finish memorizing music for Juries performance on Wednesday at 12.
4. 10 page paper for Criticism due Friday by midnight.
5. Pick topic for 10 page Crit paper due Friday by Midnight.
6. Xdis Evaluation paper
7. observe a  group in XDIS on Tuesday so I can write my XDIS evaluation paper
8. Finish 10 page XDIS paper: Holocausts effect on Literature
9. Jared's birthday dinner Tuesday night.

Wouldn't it be nice if they gave us like 3 days off of school before finals week to be able to accomplish all of these things and not still have to worry about attending all of my classes... in which we are doing nothing but watching movies in at the moment anyway. STRUGGLE!

Now for the plot:

I walked into the library at 1:00pm. It is now 1:40 (approx).
I have printed off four more sources for my Capstone paper and found the article that I need to use for my analysis and critique for the crit paper. Next step... leave this loud lower level of the library and find a nice quiet nook upstairs that is close to a window and surrounded by bookshelves, where I will attempt to read said articles and hopefully the words will just pop into my brain and demand to be typed out...

I'll let you know how that goes.

Episode 1- Completed