Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Semester, New Routine...I hope

Back at school...mixed feelings. Love being with Chris but we're both so edgy right now because we have so much work to do and our schedules are basically opposite, thus creating very little time to actually spend together. The issue with being "edgy" is that very small comments or actions can be taken the wrong way, it's like we are looking for ways to snap at eachother, or a reason to be annoyed. It's not fun, It's wonderful when we can actually sit down and spend time with a movie, grab dinner, but those moments are so difficult to come by, thus creating the "other" moments where we want to have time to hang out but alas we can' we get frusterated. It's a tricky situation. Despite my rant...I'm not mad at Chris, not in the least actually, I'm just mad at the fact that we never get to spend time together, and when we do it's "catching up time" filled with homework, reading, e-mail reading, lunch, time before class, friends... basically time with a stop watch. I like it not! I just hope things go back to normal when we get the routine of the new semester down a little better.

On a less important but I'm sure more entertaining note... my tv shows are starting up, I'm way behind but Hulu (when it's working) is my new best friend...sorry Courtney. Kidding, of course. Teen Mom 2 started last week, Pretty Little Liars did as well (Still have to watch the premire), Supernatural is due to start back up in a week, THANK GOODNESS. It is difficult to function without the known fact that Sam and Dean are saving the world from Supernatural creatures gone Rogue. American idol has also started, but that's kindof a last priority show, I only will be watching it for Steven Tyler.

I think the real reason that I'm in a funk, is that i haven't had time to read for all. It's been reading for classes non-stop, so when I have time where I'm not reading...I'm sleeping or eating. Literally...I get up, go to class, read for class, (sometimes I work), and then I go to sleep. By the time I have time to actually read for fun, my eyes are so tired that I can't focus on the words...and fall asleep. This semester is going to kick my butt, but hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in a few fun books. To keep me from going insane of course!

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