Friday, July 23, 2010

Abrupt Ending

So at work today one of the stylists had a client at 11:30, she spent the first 20 minutes of the appointment telling him how to cut her exactly HOW to cut her hair. I think he knows he's been doing hair for 25 years. Then when she left she loved the cut and prebooked her next appointment. Then at 4:30 I get a call saying that she wanted to cancel that prebooked appointment, when I asked her if she wanted to reschedule she said no... then decided that she needed to tell me that she specifically told him not to cut it any shorter than necessary, and that now it was too short and he was a bad listener. This is what really happened... She went home after she left here LOVING her new haircut, and then when her husband got home from work...around 4. He told her that it was too short. So she called an complained that her hair was too short. Ok seriously people need to learn to think for themselves. If I went to see chris and I got a haircut and he thought it was too short, I am pretty sure that he would tell me that he liked it longer, But I would NOT call my stylist and tell them that I didn't like it just because my boyfriend didn't like it, seriously you have a brain, with personal thoughts... use them. People like that irritate me, and that happens a lot in this business.

I bought a mattress pad yesterday. Ben and I stopped by Target on the way home from Community Choir yesterday because he needed to get one...and then I touched was soft. :) SO I bought one. So I think my bedroom is pretty much set for school, the kitchen too, all I really need to buy stuff for is the bathroom but I'm gonna hold off on that until Kayla gets into town. I think she's staying for a couple extra days so we can run to Target.

 So my mom is sitting out in the parking lot waiting for me to get off work. I guess I should have told I'm probably going to be running like an hour late... oops. I should start closing now.


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