Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Rant

I am getting very sick of waking up at 7 in the morning. At school I got up at 8 sometimes 8:30 but here 7. Sad. I need to go back so school so I can have a break from all this craziness. I've been constantly on GO since the first week in July and I dont really see the changing. The last couple weeks in July are filled with work and choir commitments. Then August is completely filled with work work and more work. Shelby and Carly leave for school so for at least a week half I am going so magically transform into my alter ego Super Receptionist and magically cover every shift for that week and a half. Then 3rd week in August I am off to school which means moving in and rush week at BN so more full time shifts. Hopefully Septmeber will bring some relaxatation even if it is mixed with a little homework. I'll take anything right now.

Ok enough complaining about how I'm too busy I'm sure it tends to get annoying. Yesterday was nice, I had the evening off and so Charisse and I went to Barnes and Noble and then met up with Courtney at Caribou. It's always so nice to get to see both of them at the same time, it's so rare. Courtney and I seem to work opposite schedules. When I work during the day (Everyday) Courtney seems to start at Pablos right when I get off, SO when we do get to hang out it's at like 10 when we are both tired from work or have to get to bed because we work in the morning. Charisse is a whole other story, I never even know when she's going to be in town between her camping trips, scott's cabin and Kansas. My point being that it is very rare for the 3 of us to actually spend time together making yesterday a good day.

I'm sitting at work, and there is a client waiting for one of our stylists to show up...who is already 7 minutes late. That is so annoying and so inconsiderate. Because she is late, I am the one who has to deal with the customers patience slowly drifting off into the air and disinigrating. I have to deal with the more frequent looks to the clock and then up at me. I have to smile like I don't know that the stylist is already late and that they don't "Have an appointment to get to after this." Really people, I'm not the one you should be complaining to, I was here on time, as you can clearly see because you are sitting on that nice apolstered chair as opposed to the stone cold curb sitting outside the currently unlocked door. You are also drinking the clearly recently made hot caffinated coffee. Don't get me wrong lady, I do feel bad that the flakey hairdresser hasn't come in yet but and I wouldn't be nagging you if you didn't act all sweet and cheery when she finally shows up. You say "oh it's not a problem, I don't have anything else going on today." when she says how sorry she is for being late...again. So the person who was here on time, ready to present you with an unlocked door and hot coffee gets the brunt of your rude foot tapping and frequent glares to the clock, and the tardy hairdresser gets your suddenly sunny disposition. Excuse me while I vent. Sometimes the women that come in here just aggitate me. As I'm sure you have figured out by now.

I should probably go make sure that there are enough towels in the cabinets... SO I will end my rant for the day. :) I'm sure I'll post later. I'm in the blogging mood.


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