Sunday, July 18, 2010


Hey ya'll! Felt like giving my page a makeover. What do you think? I still have the code to my old layout and because I love it so much it'll probably come back soon but occasionally I just need to switch things up a bit. Today is my lounging day, it's my first official day off in a while. Yea, I've had a couple days off of work every now and then but they are all filled with commitments that take up my whole day and today the only thing I committed to was a combination of reading and sleeping. So far I've done a little bit of both...and it's wonderful.I already finished one book and I'm just in the choosing phase before I start a new one. I'm thinking I'll start a relatively short book like Stephanie Meyers new Twilight Novella or something similar. A quick read is what I need today.  It's nice having a day to relax before the CRAZY busy week that I have starting tomorrow. I'll be working doubles have two major choir rehearsals and two concerts not to mention it's River City Days meaning hard core balancing of family and friend time. I apologize in advance to everyone for not being able to see you or talk much this week. However, I will try. Time to read.


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