Friday, July 30, 2010

Random Spurt of Word Puke

I don't really know what it is, but lately I've been soooo tired. My sleep pattern hasn't changed at all but even after working my normal shift I just wanna come home and take a nap. It makes no sense. Tonight, I am forcing myself to go have fun with some friends. I haven't been out past ten in like a week. Tonight I am going to Courtneys we are ordering a pizza, and Mitch and Mark are coming over (to move her washer and dryer because we are too weak to do it and it needs to be moved). I will be out late! I'm excited for the weeks to come. Next weekend I'm off to Vermillion to move some things in. (which reminds me I need to call housing and make sure I can move in on a Saturday- Remind me) Then 3 days later Chris, Ashely, Kevin, Laura and my ROOMIE Kayla are coming into town. (You all are crazy by the way, of all the things you are trying to fit in in a day, I live here and I can't even do it) :)

So it's 5:43 and I was supposed to get off at 5. SHOCKER! However, I don't mind getting paid extra, especially since Courtney's on her way and we are going to straighten our hair and do our nails. Oh the perks of working at a salon and spa. :) Talk to you again soon. Court's here. :P


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