Monday, July 12, 2010

Why do Summer Sitcoms suck so Much?

I'm at a cross-roads... I have a very important decision to make. I can either read Shiver, or That Bree Tanner Book by Stephanie Meyer. Not an important decision you say... oh but you are so wrong! The book you read very much dictates your emotionally sanity after finishing said book. The wrong book could leave you melancholy for hours, or even days. It is all about the selection. If I really could read anything that I wanted, any selection possible. I would have the unpublished manuscript of Torment in my hands and you would not hear from me for a day or two. However, I have to settle for whatever I have on my bookshelf, just waiting for me to pick it up, and decide which "second best" book I will use to bide my time while I wait for what I really want.  That got me thinking about other things that you just temporarily settle for while you wait for the better.
For example... Summer sitcoms, no one actually likes them, we just settle for the poor excuse for entertainment and wait for the real TV shows to start up in the fall. Hand me downs, people may say that they like hand me downs but 99% of the time they like that it's free. If the new stuff was free I'm pretty sure they would opt for the skin remnant free choice. Then naturally, (as i'm sure you all could see where I was going with this) settling on Average Andy  while you wait for someone that you actually like to come along. I'm not saying to you don't like Andy at all, I'm just saying that you know that he's not "the one" for you. (because you of course have more insight than others and can see who you are and aren't supposed to end up with) Why even put yourself through the relationship process if you know that it's going to end, and possibly very painfully?

Because.... Story 1: My mom gave me a sweater a couple years ago, I love it. Great hand me down. I bought a shirt at american eagle a couple months ago and the first time I wore it 3 buttons fell off of it. It wasn't as good as I thought it was. The 20 year old sweater is much more reliable.
Story 2: A couple Christmases ago my Aunt and Uncle (Shout out!) got me a book, A Great and Terrible Beauty. I'd seen it in the bookstore a couple times but I always passed. It then sat on my shelf for a while, and then while I was waiting for the new Meg Cabot book to come out I picked up the Libba Bray book. (GTB) Needless to say, It's been my favorite book ever since. Story 3: nope nothing...summer sitcoms just suck ;)

Who really knows anything about anything until they experience something. A sweater that I thought was a "second best" was much better quality and will probably last for many more years. My "second best" book ended up being my "can't wait for the sequel" book. (And inevitably, if the summer show doesn't suck as much as the others, next year the network will probably put it into the fall lineup) I don't even know how many movies I've seen, books I've read or stories I've heard of the Andy's in this world being the Prince Charmings just waiting to be discovered. Live life, mess up, experience things and Look for "second bests"


**This was all me talking myself into actually picking a "second best" book to read. Giving myself some hope that I can add it to my Elite bookshelf where I keep all of my favorite books. **
**Chris- There was no significance in the use of the name Andy... It is simply the first A name that came to mind after I wrote the word Average. So if you happen to call me or text me asking who Andy is, and why I seem to think he's so perfect and Why I didn't use the name Chris... I will point you to this end note. :)  PS  I love you. :) You aren't my second best. I got lucky with you. 

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