Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wrote this yesterday...but my dad unplucked the wireless, so i'm posting it today.

So today I am in Sioux City, IA at my grandmothers house. It is fun but occasionally it can be a bit boring, however the good thing about family vacations is that all three of us siblings are forced to spend time together, not that we don't want to normally but usually I am at school, or Lexi is at Tech crew or band, or Mikayla is working. Anyway, I went upstairs this afternoon and turned on the TV. Avalon High was coming on on the Disney channel. I was really excited, I loved that book when I was in Middle school and was excited to see the movie. So I decided to sit and watch it. I noticed some differences right away. First of all the main characters name is Ellie, in the movie is was changed to Ally. Also, there was an added character who was supposed to be the "Merlin" of the movie. Ok no big deal. Then Lex came upstairs and watched it with me and I got to explain the King Arthur legend to her, or at least the love triangle, and the lady of the lake portions. Then Mikayla came upstairs and says that she has read the book as well, so the three of us are upstairs watching the movie, and then the last 5 minutes of the movie came.... sorry if this is spoiling the movie for you but I need to explain the ending so you understand my anger/disappointment. In the book, ELLIE ends up being the lady of the lake who gives the sword to WILL who is the reincarnated King Arthur. It also had the love triangle between LANCE and JENN, will's best friend and girlfriend. At the end of the book WILL had to fight MARCO (Mordred) and was guided to victory by his literature teacher who was supposed to be the "merlinesque" character. Then there is the movie... So at the end of the movie ALLY ends up being the reincarnated king Arthur who has to fight the literature teacher who ends up being Mordred. WTF. that makes no sense. That would mean that Ally was dating Jenn or at least Lance and then they cheated on her with each other.... Lance or Jenn would have to be Ally's best friend... the book made sense...but the movie just tried to give you a twist, but the twist completely messes up the whole legend. Moral of the story...great book read sucks!

So, Mikayla and I just listed all the reasons that the Disney movie version didn't make any sense. This is not the first time that disney channel has messed up books by "trying" to make them into movies. I now know not to be very happy when books I like are turned into movies by Disney Channel! 

You know, for the first time, I really miss my apartment and my roommate and of course Chris. I am excited for my classes and I just feel like going back to school. Of course, it's just conflicting because when I'm in Vermillion I just want to get coffee with Courtney and Charisse and hang out with my momma, but when I'm home I just wanna be back in my apartment. Sadness!


Took a break and played Scattergories with my family... Funny answers

Words associated with Exercising: Letter W: My dads answer: "Wow, This Sucks"
Black Things: Letter G: My answer gangs
Toys: Letter W: Mikayla's answer: Wacky String...the second cousin of Silly String.

Pretty sure that Scattergories is now the favorite game of my family gatherings. 

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