Monday, September 20, 2010


So my Astronomy prof. is Asian and it is very difficult to understand him SO here is what my Astro notes look like for today :



No one shines… cept Ivane… she’s a star, she shines.

I think he said happy is stinky… but one can’t be sure.

No one is big enough to stand on top of the earth…the photo is exaggerated.

Feb. only can have 29 days, NEVER30 days!

The answer to all of his thought questions is always C!

Moon is shy

He has to go potty.

The axis of the moon tooted 5 degrees…5 degrees of what is uncertain.

He likes to walk in a big U shape, which means that I need to close the webpage I’m on every 3 mins

He’s not going to go over chapter 3, we have to read it on our own, he’s not going to go over it in class, did you get that he’s NOT going over chapter 3, it’s just a simple story, so he’s not going to go over chapter three but he’ll sum it up in 5 mins….. Isn’t that going over it.

Jupiter = big ass planet

When you look at the sky and try and see planets, you can’t see earth because we are on it.

Venus is referred to as “The Venus”

The correct pronunciation of the word wave is (Weef)


  1. the gawaksy iz mooing away fwom you...

  2. Pwease pass in your workshit and make sure that you see that picture of the bitch on page 254.