Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Starting the Day Right with Starbucks and Books

The day has come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My book, Torment, has finally be published. Ok so it's not MY book per say... it's Lauren Kate's book...but I now have my copy of said book. This is where I get to make you all feel sad because your boyfriend is so not as cool as mine. Right after my french class today, Chris drove me to Sioux City, first to Starbucks so I could get a proper breakfast, which includes a Black Forest Ham artisan sandwich (wonderful Starbucks sandwiches pictured below...makes your mouth water),
 and a Venti Black Unsweetened Iced Tea. (Which is a really long fancy way of saying Really Big Ice Tea. After Starbucks he drove me to Barnes and Noble, where I got to buy (woohoo) Torment which I have been waiting for all summer. Then we drove back to Vermillion so I could make my 2 o'clock class. He really is such an amazing boyfriend, I couldn't ask for more. :)

 Now i'm sitting in my room staring at the book which is sitting just to my right of the laptop. It is a lovely cover.
Isn't it pretty? Anyway, I'm sitting staring at this lovely cover and like I am with every other book series that I love...I don't know if I should start it. That would mean that I would have to wait a YEAR before the next book (Passions) comes out. You know how long a YEAR is???? I haven't even known Chris for a YEAR, so that means I have to wait longer than a the amount of time we've been dating to read the next book. Do you see my debacle? However, If I don't read it now, then it'll be sitting on my shelf taunting me. I'll start reading it soon but I'm not too excited about this YEAR I have to wait. 

So I've decided to venture back to my childhood and play Pokemon... before you judge...It is actually a pretty fun game, and my deck is a fire damage so it's pretty strong. It's a lot of fun, and while Chris and I are both really competitive and fight every time we play, it is something that we both like to do together, which is cool. The plan for the rest of the night is simple: Beat Kayla at Pokemon, Watch Glee (Britney, Brittany episode so excited), Do French Homework, Finish Grammar Homework, Meet up with Laura at the FA so I can work on the song for the wedding. ( I can't wait until Sunday) 

If you actually made it this far, (and read every word) I'm impressed, If you skimmed and got the basics that is still a lot of skimming but I'm not quite as impressed. Either way, I'm done rambling and about to go whoop some ass with my Charzard. 

:) B

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