Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Things are just different. I don't really know how to explain it. It's not all bad changes either. For one, I'm living with Kayla in a beautiful cozy apartment, it's probably a little too soon to tell but so far I LOVE living with her. Our apartment is cute, clean and it's nice coming back from classes and actually having someone there, unlike my dorm last year that I lived in alone. Second awesome change = work! This year I am just over all respected more because i'm returning. It's so nice. I have all the younger or new employees that come and ask me questions. I just love that I'm appreciated there this year. Change number 3: This is so not a good change. I am sooooo far away from Barnes and Noble... Granted Christopher gets me there as much as he can, I know he wants me to be as happy here as I was at home. Its just a big adjustment after going there everyday, sometimes multiple different Barnes and Nobles in 1 day. This also means that not only do I not get to see Courtney but we keep playing phone tag which results in me barely getting to talk to her at all. That's lame! I'm really excited to go to Ren Fest this year. I'll get to see my momma and sister! Well now I'm talking on the phone so if i keep writing it won't make any sense. :)

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