Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dear Authors of Young Adult Fiction,

The Background: Every time I go to Barnes and Noble (at school about once a week, at home about 2x a day) I wander through the entire store looking for something new and interesting. I have my sections that I tend to gravitate towards like everyone else. Mine tend to include: Drama, Shakespeare, Adult Fiction, Writing and Journals, Foreign Language, but the section that I usually start and end at and eventually purchase the most books from, always tends to be Teen Fiction. (Usually with a love story with some supernatural twist.Same melody with different lyrics kind of idea.) Now I pick up the book (or books) that I want, purchase them, so a little research on the book or author (because i'm a book nerd) and what do I come to find. 9 out of 10 times this new book is the first book in a SERIES! 

The Problem: Now you see I like series. I love that the story can sustain itself through multiple books. However, I prefer series when said books are ALL or at least mostly published. Depending on how busy I am it takes me  about 2 days to read a book, (teen book) and it takes an author about a year to get the next book published in a series (assuming that she/he has already begun and almost finished the writing process). This in mind, I have to wait 363 days to figure out what happens to these characters that have become part of your life in a sense. Now I'm not impatient, one or two or even three series would be fine, but in the past 3ish months I've purchased at least 14 book 1s of a series. That is 14 books that I have to wait a year just to find out what happens next...not even the end, that could be 3, 4 or even 5 years depending on how many books are in the series. I even ventured into the adult fiction section to find just a stand alone book...guess what...the sequel comes out next summer...

The Solution: Either you author folk need to write a book in like 2 days, I need to take a year to read said book, OR one of you authors needs to write just a stand alone sequel, no prequel, no threequel...just one, one WELL WRITTEN book that I can read while I'm waiting for these 2342987 other books to come out. I'll be waiting...

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