Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Homework...Not Reading...Homework! Homework!

The year: 2010, the Day: September 29th.

So many books start like that and I've always thought it was kind of I started my blog with it. :) SOOOO much to do and absolutely NO motivation so do any of it. I want to cuddle up in my bed with my blanket, my boy, and my book. (Torment, see previous blogs) HOWEVER, I have to do my grammar homework and I should probably practice that song I have to sing this weekend, or ya know...clean my mess of a room. BUT like I said...NO motivations so I'll probably just do my grammar homework and watch supernatural...oh and read my book. :)

I get to see my family this weekend! Morgan is getting married and so obviously the family is coming down. My mom told me that Dex got that job in Nebraska. So they are moving in a month. I couldn't imagine just uprooting and leaving all my friends, my family, and my job to a different state. That would be really hard for me, I hope that Morgan is ok with it because I'm sure she is pretty stressed right now with all the last minute details of the wedding.Good thing I've been planning my wedding since I was 14. :) It will be lovely, I just need a million dollars and I'll be all set and ready. (Don't worry, I'm not getting married for at least 4 years)

So I started Torment, I'm on chapter 1. I'm trying really hard to go VERY slow, but I'll give it until about chapter 5 before I can't put it down. This is really a horrible week for you to finish this book Lauren Kate... It's D-Days now, and I have a wedding this weekend AND next week is mid-terms. I have ZERO time to read, and if I do then it is time that I should be spending studying for my Grammar, History, French and Astronomy tests, or writing my Comp paper. I have the worst discipline ever. That's always been a problem, If I want something I buy it/get it. If i don't want to do something I don't do it. Hopefully this is something that I can deal with or that it doesn't apply to important things. Well I'm gonna go read... I mean DO MY HOMEWORK. :)


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