Friday, November 5, 2010

Hodge-Podge of Word Puke

Fridays are wonderful! Who doesn't like Fridays?? I love them... this is why:

Every Friday morning Chris has class and I do not, So I go sit in the muc, read or study for about 15 minutes, and then I call Courtney. We talk for about 10 mins depending on when her class starts. Then I call Charisse and since she doesn't have classes on Friday I talk to her until my class starts. It is always nice to get to talk to both of your best friends in the same morning. :)

Friday means I have the whole weekend to do homework, rather than just an evening. Fridays I can read for FUN. (strange concept these days) I have bought approximately 23 new books this semester and have gotten to read a grand total of 2. Lame.My TO READ book list is higher than it has ever been, and my time to read is the shortest.

FRIDAY IS SUPERNATURAL! I love this show so much. I've watched it since the night if premiered after Gilmore Girls all those years ago. I love the way that the show is written, i love Sam and deans relationship, and I love the supernatural aspects it has. (duh) I also really love that it's a show that Chris, Kayla, Ashley, Laura and I all love. Even if we don't always get to watch it together. After 6 years of this show, I finally have people that I can bounce ideas off of, or discuss what episodes we like or didn't, or what we think is going to happen. I really like that we all have that show in common.

Ok done raving about Fridays,

Eventually I have to make my way up to Sioux Falls. Last week Kayla, Ashley, and I went to Color Me Mine for a girl's day and painted plates. They are supposed to be done tomorrow after 2. I'm excited, I've always wanted to go to a place like that and paint something, they are just on the other side of the cities and so I never am able to make it to that side of town. I just hope my plate turned out. I'm excited.

This week was crazy....let me rephrase...the past 2 days has been crazy. 4 tests and a paper in the past 2 days. French Test yesterday morning...SO HARD. Astronomy Test ... EH. Grammar Test ...rather simple actually. And Last but not least History... EH. The history test wouldn't be hard at all if Bucklin didn't try to trick you in like every question. He has 2 answer options that are really similar or he'll work the question so it's a double negative. CONFUSING. Then I have a paper due by midnight today, I'm not quite done with that one yet but I can pound those out pretty quickly.

Sorry that it's kind of a boring blog today, but I had to post a Christmas video anyway so i figured i would just write whatever was on my mind...that just ended up being a hodge-podge of word puke.

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