Friday, October 22, 2010

Mid-term= Never-ending list of things to do

Well, It's that time of the year... SOOO much going on all at once.
1. Finishing up Mid-term papers (a Jillion to go)
2. Going through the daunting task of trying to organize next semesters course schedule. Naturally it is Always impossible to get all the classes you want because of different conflicts.
3. I always manage to hurt myself this time of year...Last year broken finger...This year Bum ankle...
4. Everyone is really sick...My grandma, my grandpa and my dad. It's just an ever present worry in my already tiring and strained day.
5. Christmas is coming. Both wonderful and sad. Wonderful because I love the month from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Shopping in those packed malls with all the decorations, sales, and Santa clauses' is the greatest experience. HOWEVER, I always want to spoil the crap out my family and friends...but this year I'm broke. Depressing.
6. Deciding on what to do this upcoming summer. I know it's a semester away but it's something that needs to be planned very early. I could go to Paris for a study trip (expensive) but it would finish up my French Minor, OR I could get a job at a summer camp (looks great on resume) or I can stay at my Salon where I get good hours, make good money and love the people I work with, but I might have to get a second job because of the number of people that now work there.
7. Meetings, Meetings, Meetings. Meetings for mid-term papers. Meetings for advisor check-ups, (in 2 departments), Meetings for Trips. AWW!
8. Choir concert next week.
9. Trying to figure out what I want for Christmas...parents, grandparents keep e-mailing

So first I'm going to talk about number 2. I had a meeting with my new English advisor today and we discussed some of my course options for next semester. I was really interested in the recently added Shakespeare class, so after my meeting with said Advisor, I walked down to Dr. Farabee's office. (she's teaching the course) We started by talking about the course and then she mentioned a study tour that she is running over spring break this year. It's a study tour to Staunton, VA. We would work at the local playhouse. (a replica of Shakespeare's) During the day we get to sit in on rehearsals, sit in on lectures, and get to join workshops with the directors and actors. In the evenings, we attend a different show that the playhouse puts on. It's approx. 2000 dollars for the 2 credit hours, plane tickets, hotel for 8 nights, breakfasts, 2 formal dinners, bus fair, and 5 tickets to the performances. You know how amazing this tour would look on my resume, I would love to teach Shakespeare in a high school environment. So excited!

So back tracking a little bit and talking about number 1. It took me 8 hours!!!!! to write my history paper. I think i'm losing my edge. ha just kidding. It was just a lot of things that needed to be included and I didn't want it to sound like I was just going through a check-list. (which i was doing) So I spent about 30-45 mins on each paragraph and about 2 hours going through all the reviews that we needed to incorporate and trying to figure out what I wanted to include. Then it took me FOREVER to get the stupid format the way that it was supposed to be...Word can be so frustrating when it doesn't do what you want it to.

Ok I think I'm done rambling for the day...I feel like I complain a lot in this blog... oh well what's new. Til next time. Below is a lovely Rudolph the Red-Rose Reindeer to celebrate only 9 weeks until Christmas. :) Enjoy! It's my favorite.

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