Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just Tired

In need of a Vacation.
Want to go see a show
Miss my Best Friend, Court.
Sick of conjugating French Verbs
Want to spend a whole Saturday Reading.
Want a weekend where I can relax not run around
Just want to be in Chaska, Chanhassen , of Eden Prairie
Longing for Thanksgiving: Macy's Day Parade, Turkey, Relaxation
Just want to spend a day at Barnes and Noble drinking coffee and reading.
Ready to be done with first semester but only half way done: UGH
Want to lay in my bed all day long or at least sleep until noon.
Miss waking up at 7:30 and love that I am going to work.
HATE working at Barnes and Noble: SO BORING!
Miss not having to time manage for papers or tests.
Miss my little sisters high school drama rants.
Miss my mom's mashed potatoes.
Need a Vacation, Badly!
Very Stressed.
Very Broke.

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