Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's the Little Things in Life...

I am a happy camper! Why am I a happy camper you ask? There I was sitting in my French class dreading having to go to grammar, for no particular reason other than the lack of interest in the subject. After class, Chris picked me up (nice!) and drove me to my apartment. This is where we usually eat lunch together but evidently he didn't sleep very well last night to he is napping. Anyway, back to my story, While Chris is snoozing away I decide to go check my e-mail and make a few of them myself. I go into my mailbox and I see a lovely e-mail from my grammar teacher telling me that class is canceled today. YIPPEE! I did a nice little dance. (This is where I would insert either a picture of me really happy, or a little cartoon dancing, however Blogger is telling me that I can't upload anything until 5. So a happy face will just have to suffice.) :)  I usually hate Tuesdays but now it's only 12ish and I'm already done with my classes for the day. I now have all day to work on papers, read, watch tv, and do homework. Mostly, just work on papers though. It's a tad unfortunate but at least now I have more time than I anticipated. Just a little happy news that I felt the need to document.


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