Saturday, August 14, 2010

Unlikely Meeting at Starbucks in August the month of Transitions

So I was at the mall this afternoon with Ben looking for birthday presents and while I was in the Barnes and Noble Starbucks, I happened to run into of all people Mrs. McMillen. Now for those of you who don't know, she is Kellen McMillen/my ex-boyfriend's mother. Now Kellen and I dated for a couple years and then we had a fling off and on until about a year ago, and to put it bluntly she hated me. All she ever heard was his side, she never heard that he was clingy and hurt me too, all she heard was that I broke his heart. So...every time that I've seen her in the past 3 years... she glares at me. Like hard core. Well today in the Barnes and Noble starbucks, I was startled by a "Brie, Oh my goodness how are you?" I turned around to a smiling Mrs. McMillen, my first thought was Oh crap, please don't pour your coffee down my shirt, but she came over and we talked for about ten minutes about how I liked school, and how glad she was that I was still involved in music and still singing. We talked about Krin and Kellen and then we smiled and parted ways. After Ben and I walked out of BN I just stood there, and thought WHAT THE HELL? I was glad that she finally could say hi when she saw me, It made our frequent awkward run ins a little easier to bear but the concern about how I was and making sure I was still singing could easily have been mistaken for caring. To an outsider I'm sure we looked like she was my best friends mom from high school who I hadn't seen in a while. Not my high school sweethearts mother who had nothing but negative things to say about me, basically to the point where my actual best friends mom had to tell her to stop because the Johnson's loved me. Now this same women was starting the starbucks small talk conversation without any knowable force needed to push her, but for all she knows Kel and I were totally done 2 years ago not 1 so I'm sure she thinks it would be stupid to still hold some sort of grudge. I don't know it was just really strange running into someone that I thought hated me and then was so friendly.

Ben wants me to go to the Demo Derby with everyone tonight. I think I'm gonna pass, I feel like hanging out with my mom, and not spending money. I think that I would much rather just read a book and try to start some sort of a list for going back to school. I did see a lamp at target in the mall that would be nice for my room...maybe I'll add that to the list. Life is always confusing for me in August. I always go from carefree live in the moment Brie, to being confused and indecisive about what I want to do. I mean nothing is changing by any means, at least not things that I didn't expect to change. I still am moving back to Vermillion, leaving my family and when I say family I don't mean just my immediate family, but my brothers (Ben Scott and Noah) and my other sisters (Charisse and Courtney) they really are my family not just my friends. I am almost done with my summer job, which is scary, I wish I could work there all the time. Those things are changing that's basically all, but both of them are a HUGE part of my life. I'm excited to go back though, I feel like I'm ready. Of the 8 anniversaries that Chris and I have had we have spent a total of 3 together. Our first month was over Christmas break and our last 4 have been summer. We have spent the majority of our relationship apart and I'm ready to just spend time with him. Get back to the way things were, or at least something similar. I just hate the end of August, it's always been such a transitioning month. When we were kids it we just wanted it to go by fast so we could go to school again, and when we were out of school we just wanted our first year of college to start and now that we are in our later years of college it is all about earning those last couple hundred bucks and getting everything we need for school. I don't ever really forsee that changing for me, I will never like Augusts. When I'm out of school, August is right before when school starts and I begin teaching. When I'm a mom by kids will be off to school in August. I just hate that time in between when things change. I'm just ready for it to change all ready, not just sitting and anticipating it. Just counting the days as they go by. Oh well...what can I do but wait?

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