Thursday, August 5, 2010

Started with Inconsistencies, Ended with Change

This morning was basically like every other morning this summer: I hit the snooze button exactly 7 times, Hopped in the shower, decided what to wear while in the shower, changed into selected outfit, run MoroccanOil through my hair, went downstairs, brushed my teeth, had a glass of water, grabbed my purse and went outside.  This is where it was different... I usually take my blazer to work everyday, but when I walked outside it was my dad's little gold car that was in the driveway. It takes me a second to register what is different and for a slight second I don't know what to do. Thoughts like "Where's my car?" "Is my dad home?" "Am I supposed to take that car?" pop into my head. (They really are dumb questions to think because I obviously know that my dad took my blazer instead, He probably needed the extra storage space or something. ) It's funny how a tiny inconsistency in my morning routine completely threw me off. Well, of course I started thinking about how small inconsistencies have that effect on people and it really is pretty interesting how easily people (or at least I) get so set in my ways that even a different family vehicle in the driveway rattles me. I thought about it and realized that I really love these inconsistent things. They make life interesting. Every morning after my already mentioned routine, I get in my car, turn on KDWB, listen to the same segments, drive the same way to work and do the same thing at work for 8, come home, whine because I'm tired, talk to courtney, hang out with courtney, go home, sleep. My days are getting so predictable its almost sad.

However, I like those inconsistencies, the ones that make this day stand out from yesterday, or tomorrow. Today I tried to make a conscious effort, at least with the small things. I had a caramel frap instead of mocha (my usual mcdonalds drink, I know...super minor change but a change none the less). Second, instead of getting pizza, chinese or subway, I decided to get Joey Nova's delivered. Best decision ever!! Third, I did all the Retail ordering for the day and got to work with the consultants. It was great! I feel like it's not just a normal day at work, which is good because I work a double today and really don't want to be tired the whole time.

I feel like when I find something that I really like I tend to just stick with that. For example, Courtney and I always do the same thing, We go to caribou, then we go to starbucks, then we go to Barnes and Noble then we see a movie at the AMC movie theatre in EP. We LOVE doing all of that, it's all the major things that we have in common, coffee, books and movies. For her birthday we did something different, we had breakfast at Hell's Kitchen in Minneapolis, then went shopping at Nicollett mall, tried to con a security guard into letting us go to the top of the IDS tower, and then got lost in North Minneapolis...scary. It was such a nice day! Doing something with your best friend that is a completely new experience is such a cool thing. I think both of us are like that, we love to do the same thing but occasionally we get that itch to do something that we've never done before.

I love the small inconsistencies in life but I feel that if anything big were inconsistent, like my schedule at work, or my friends, or Chris, it would really bother me. This summer is probably the last one like it that I'll ever have. The salon is changing a lot and with all three of the young receptionists leaving, I have a feeling that not all of us will be able to come back over breaks and next summer. I'm sure I won't be able to work as much as I have the last 2 summers. Court and Charisse aren't living at home next year...that's going to be the hardest adjustment, Courtney in Minneapolis and Charisse in Mankato. :( I wanna cry just thinking about it. That's a long drive to see my best friends. I'm also really hoping to go to France next summer for a couple of weeks, and I HOPE that Court can come with, that would be so wonderful! This summer is ending fast and It's a bitter sweet feeling. Right now I'm just trying to be thankful for the inconsistencies and the consistencies. Both of which make my summer so fun and busy. I feel like a chapter in my life is closing. Friends and family are getting married, I talk to my friends about politics and classic literature. It's weird and I haven't decided if I like it or not yet. Well, I'm just gonna go with the flow and see what happens.

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