Thursday, August 26, 2010


It's nice to be back. It's really strange though. It's unforunate that when I have my frequent starbucks/caribou/or Barnes and Noble urges it is a lot harder to get there. At home I can easily hop in my car pick up Court and drive at most 15 mins. Here its at least 30, and Chris's car. It's nice having my own apartment though. I'm excited for kayla to move in, and I'm also excited for classes to start.

I really hope that I'll have enough time to read this semester. There are so many books on my shelf that i haven't read yet, and so many new ones that are ceoming out soon. So far so good though, I finished that last 75 pages of my book last night. It was wonderful, i love reading.

Morgan's wedding is coming up. It's a month away now. I should probably start learning that song that I'm supposed to sing. Her wedding is going to be so beautiful. It's at a beautiful hotel on mainstreet in Sioux City and I bought a beautiful red dress from Macys on Nicolete downtown.

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