Monday, August 9, 2010

Augusts= Crazy!

This past weekend was a wonderful couple of days. My mom and I road tripped down to Vermillion where we moved most of my stuff into my beautiful new dorm. (picture posted below) People are so funny in how they try to find the fault in everything, Coyote Village is beautiful and the rooms are the perfect size for a college atmosphere. It was wonderful seeing Chris, but you could so easily see how emotionally drained he is. (with great reason) He helped us set up my dorm too, which was a lot of fun. Tomorrow is Valleyfair day with my college'll be interesting I can tell you that! I can't wait to see my roomie! I'm making her go on the skydiving thing with me! You are being warned Kayla McDaniel! I can't wait to experience it with them. It's always interesting doing something that us locals take for granted, with people who don't have the opportunity to just go there whenever they want. They do want to go to Bdubs though, I love bdubs but if you're on vacation don't you think you should go to a place that you can't go to at home. Like Bubba Gump Shrimp, or something like that, I think we should just go to Buffalo Wild Wing when everyone moves back in to Vermillion, as kind of a celebration, but hey I shouldn't be the one deciding what we do tomorrow because it is not my vacation.

It's that time of summer when everything is just strange. I'm anxious to get back to school and be with Chris and start classes, but at the same time I don't want to leave my job, friends, and family. I LOVE Minneapolis, I LOVE the western suburbs. It has everything that I need and it has an endless supply of Barnes and Noble, Caribous, Starbucks, Applebees, Malls (Good malls), and Qdobas. August is always a time of me prepping to go off to school, but trying to enjoy the time that I have left with my friends and family, It's when I don't want to work much because I have so much to do, but it's also when I have to work because I'm trying to get as much cash as I can before I run off to my low paying college town job...lame. 

It's one of those crazy days today. I work til 3:30, then I have to run to the bank, target, the gym, and office max. It would be nice to see Court too considering I haven't seen her in like a week, and that's pretty unheard of for the two of us. Well, I should get back to work...but it's boring and I'm trying to waste time before the UPS guy comes in with a zillion packages for me to add to

Can't wait to see my buds tomorrow, it should be interesting though.


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