Monday, June 14, 2010

Time So Does Not Fly

         Sitting at work, on a Monday morning with absolutely nothing to do. I already read 100 pages of my book this morning, the last 100 pages. There is not a single person here other than me, but I had to come in this morning because the phone usually rings constantly, but of course the one monday morning that I have nothing to do but answer the phones, is the one monday the phone doesn't want to ring more than once every 30 mins. I am now stuck waiting for the laundy to be done and wait patiently for the first client to show up at 3:00, in 3 HOURS! In the meantime I'm anxiously researching hints to the plot of the sequel to the book I just finished. It's called Fallen (the book I just finished, not the sequel...that's called Torment) it's wonderful, definetly putting it in Charisse's need to borrow from Brie pile. She'll be so please.
       I'm anxious for the day to be over, today is the only day all week that I pull a double shift (salon from 8:30 -3:30, dairy queen from 4:30-10:00) then I only work at the salon until Sunday, which is great! I'm so excited, Chris is coming in less that 2 weeks. Our six month was yesterday, I just wish I could have seen him. I'm excited for his family to come to Minneapolis after the 4th too. Living in this area you take advantage of the many fun things to do, I seem to fall into a rut of always doing the same things, ie: Barnes and Noble, Applebees, Mall of America, and Caribou, all wonderful things mind you. I however do think that going to mystic and Valleyfair will be more fun with them. But i'm making Chris go to the Buffet with me if we go to mystic, I love the mousse there. :)
      Nothing really more to say, which is disappointing, I was hoping writing would at least make some of the time go by, but it's only been approx. five minutes. sigh. Well, I shall just have to try to accomplish something here (the salon) then.


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