Thursday, May 6, 2010

The End of Sophomore year

Well it's my last night in Vermillion for a while, and today was a crazy one. I started off by working from 10 to 6. That's is a very long time to be on your feet, and I was busy the entire time, it was crazy. Then I had about an hour before Chris and I went to my dorm room and packed everything up (almost) and then we carried my fridge, TV stand, and microwave down 8 flights of stairs and over to Chris's apartment. Now I'm kind of stressed about tomorrow. My dad thinks he'll get in at about 1:00, so 1:30! I have to be checked out of my dorm (which means everything out) at 12:30. Not sure how that'll work. I'll probably end up sitting in the parking lot with everything I own for an hour. Plus the day is stressful enough but what makes it worse is that Chris leaves early in the morning for his GRE exam. I'll have to go through the whole day not only not having him to help ease the stress but also having to go through the emotional stress of now knowing when I'm going to see him again. I didn't think I was going to get to work much over the next couple of weeks after I got home, which was just going to make me miss him more, but luckily Darcy texted me tonight asking me to work tuesday and thursday and then i'm working for Zyrah the following week. Then I'll get to see Chris the last week in May. We can do this. :)

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